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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 233178

Position Summary:
The UW Law School seeks an instructor to teach Legal Research & Writing (LRW) courses, beginning in fall 2021. This typically includes teaching two sections of our 3-credit-hour required LRW courses, which cover legal analysis and reasoning, research sources and strategy, predictive and persuasive writing, oral presentations, advocacy, and other related lawyering skills. The courses engage students in active learning and are designed to simulate law practice. Additionally, the instructor may teach upper-level or other skills courses, as needed.

Principal duties:
Legal Research & Writing instructors work collaboratively with colleagues, under the supervision of the program directors, who are responsible for the overall design, consistency, and direction of the program. Within the broad parameters of LRW program policies, instructors are expected to contribute their own ideas and innovative approaches to the legal writing classroom and develop their own course materials. This includes lesson plans, in-class exercises, and research and writing assignments. Instructors are expected to provide detailed critiques of students' research and writing projects, meet with students in individual conferences outside of class time, and hold weekly office hours to address general questions and concerns.

Instructors are expected to participate in training sessions and planning meetings and to contribute ideas to improve skills instruction and further program goals. Instructors also participate in the life of the law school; they serve on, and chair, law school committees and vote on most matters at faculty meetings. Professional development, such as writing and presenting at conferences, is encouraged and supported.

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