University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 233105

Position Summary:
The Athletic Director provides oversight for all aspects of the varsity athletic programs sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), including matters pertaining to personnel, academic and athletic success, budget, facilities, operations, fundraising, compliance, and student-athlete welfare and development. The Athletic Director guides the overall direction of the athletic department in concert with the values and mission of the UW. The Athletic Director reports directly to the Chancellor.

Principal duties:
- Identify, hire, support, and evaluate head coaches in all 23 Badger varsity sports.
- Field teams that sustain competitive success at commensurate or greater levels in comparison with Badger teams in recent history.
- Provide oversight and support of all athletic department personnel.
- Oversee the planning and operation of the unit's $160 million annual budget.
- Work collaboratively with senior-level UW campus administration.
- Develop and sustain consistent, transparent communication with the athletic board chair and faculty athletics representatives in the context of the UW's shared governance infrastructure.
- Partner with the university to raise funds from alumni, friends, and the State of Wisconsin to support approved plans for athletic facilities, scholarships, operations and personnel. Establish fundraising goals with detailed plans on how these goals will be achieved.
- Promote UW and the UW athletic program to potential donors at any and all specified fundraising events.
- Promote the UW to potential student-athletes and their families.
- Oversee a robust program of academic, social, and career support for student-athletes.
- Represent UW at meetings, including Big Ten Conference, NCAA, NACDA, National Football Foundation, and American Football Coaches Association, and serve on committees within these associations to strengthen UW's voice and presence as a member in good standing.
- Oversee the management of UW athletic facilities, including both their athletic and non-athletic uses.
- Maintain an understanding of NCAA, Autonomy 5, and Big Ten Conference rules in order to promote and advance the program's integrity and compliance.
- Develop and sustain a culture that values diversity and inclusion, including such areas as recruitment, hiring, and programing.
- Coordinate game scheduling and matters pertaining to tournaments and post-season competition with coaches and conference officials.
- Oversee matters pertaining to student-athlete and staff compliance and discipline
- Maintain a positive culture within the UW Athletic Department that embodies the values and attitudes of an outstanding intercollegiate athletics program at a pre-eminent academic institution.
- Support and extend the role the role of athletics in carrying out the Wisconsin idea by outreach in the community and state.
- Provide innovative leadership -- on UW's campus and in pertinent conference and national settings -- on how the collegiate model evolves during the ensuing years of transition and reform.

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