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PVL # 233063

Position Summary:
UW-Madison Division of Extension - Bayfield County is hiring an Agricultural Research Assistant (Official Title: Research Gardener) to help implement a series of agricultural research trials. The position is for individuals that enjoy working independently in challenging outdoor conditions. The home office will be in Washburn, WI, but the job duties will require periodic travel throughout Wisconsin.

Principal duties:
Goal: A 100% Work in both field and office to help implement the research projects with primary duties involving data collection in agroforestry field plantings and processing nut samples.

Activity: A1 Helping maintain hazelnut plantings throughout Wisconsin including: Bayfield, Ashland, Hayward, Spooner,
Stoughton, Tomahawk, and Barneveld. The Research Assistant will be expected to work in challenging outdoor conditions
including potentially rain, hot temperatures, and bugs.

Activity: A2 The Research Assistant will conduct work in the lab to remove husks, weigh samples, and crack and measure
hazelnut samples.

Activity A3 2021 Job Duties and Approximate Timeline:

April 2021: Assist with hazelnut sample processing and data entry. Assist with hazelnut processing equipment trials and data collection.

April-August 2021: Conduct field work (planting, mulching, weed control, applying fertilizer, etc.) in the hazelnut field trials. Assist with cross pollinations, data collection, and data entry.

August-October 2021: Conduct field work (planting, mulching, weed control, installing tree tubes, etc.) in the hazelnut field trials. Assist with harvest, data collection, data entry, and hazelnut sample processing.

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