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PVL # 232954

Position Summary:
The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History (WGNHS) established in 1853 conducts earth-science surveys, field studies, and research. We provide objective scientific information about the geology, mineral resources, and water resources of Wisconsin. We collect, interpret, disseminate, and archive natural resource information. We communicate the results of our activities through publications, technical talks, and responses to inquiries from the public. These activities support informed decision-making by government, industry, business, and individual citizens. The WGNHS is a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension.

The Project Geoscientist under the supervision of Project Principal Investigators (PIs) will involve collection of geophysical and geological data, GIS analysis, hydrologic mapping, structural mapping, measurements of streams and springs; water quality sampling of spring and stream water; and management of associated data.

This position will start around July 1, 2021 and end in a year. This position may be renewed contingent on funding. The position description represents a general outline of job duties, expectations, responsibilities, and is not intended to be comprehensive in nature. This position may periodically supervise students or LTEs that will assist with these tasks.

Some initial goals of the position will be:
1. Gain familiarity with geology, hydrostratigraphy, and mineralization patterns within the projects area.
2. Work with WGNHS staff and local well drillers to access wells of opportunity, quarries, and other sites relevant to mapping.
3. Work with WGNHS staff to streamline collection of geophysical well logs, and collection and processing of analyses from drill core

Principal duties:
Performs Field Work and collects data according to established specifications (approximately 40%)
1. Assist with field collection of structural and stratigraphic data
2. Measure streamflow and groundwater discharge to streams
3. Perform water-quality sampling of streams and groundwater including sample preparation and shipment to testing labs
4. Assist with collection of bedrock drill core and geophysical well and/or other related sampling methods
5. Assist with core description and collection of pXRF cuttings
6. Assist with the collection of scanning electron and electron microprobe data
7. Cut thin section billets
8. Assist with locating sampling locations and gaining access to relevant properties

Review data, assist with processing, and in some cases interpretation (approximately 30%)
1. Process and collaborate on interpretation of geochemical and structural data
2. Assist in construction of geologic cross-sections, and writing of map unit descriptions
3. Download and import field data into database management and geographic information systems
4. Process field data and assist with interpretation of stream conditions and water quality sampling
5. Use GIS techniques to integrate and compare existing data with newly acquired data
6. Update and maintain electronic data in the field and at the WGNHS
7. Maintain and update sampling protocols, as necessary

Inspects and maintains equipment, supplies, inventory, and facility spaces (5%)
1. Maintain field equipment in working order and reorder consumed field supplies

Assists with report writing and map making (20%)
1. Assist with report writing to document project results
2. Use computer software, including ArcGIS and Petrel, to produce 7.5-minute and 1:100,000-scale geologic maps and derivative maps

Other (5%)
1. Assist and periodically supervise students assisting with tasks above
2. Other duties as requested by the State Geologist

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