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PVL # 232866

Position Summary:
The Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health is seeking an Informatics Data Scientist who will work under the direction of Dr. John Garrett and will work closely with other staff, medical school groups, UW Health, and the Radiology Informatics team. Dr. Garrett's research focuses on developing novel tools for radiological imaging, leveraging new tools and technologies such as deep learning, and a particular emphasis on translation of novel techniques into clinical practice. Deep learning and machine learning has seen a meteoric rise in applications within Radiology. This growth is both driving the need for high quality curated datasets and mechanisms to introduce these tools into clinical practice. The Radiology Informatics Data Scientist will be responsible for data cleaning and management, the development and maintenance of clinical research databases, helping develop and deploy novel imaging tools, and disseminating new knowledge through abstracts, posters, presentations, and manuscripts. They will be also involved in project monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, oversight of trainees, and dissemination of program results and will work closely with the Department of Radiology's Informatics Analysists.

The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself but also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
(30%) Develop and deploy novel Radiology tools (AI based or otherwise) adhering to good software development practices and collaborate closely with project Principle Investigators (PI's) such as Dr. Perry Pickhardt who is working to translate UW and NIH co-developed CT opportunistic screening tools into clinical practice, integrating them with clinical PACS and EHR systems.

(30%) Assist with large scale dataset collection and curation leveraging existing Radiology infrastructure and tools such as Flywheel.

(15%) Help with writing and applications including:
-Collaborate with PI's on grant preparation including scientific writing, and coordinating the necessary documentation for grant applications, grant submission, and progress reports for grants.
-Work with students to prepare manuscripts and serve as a general resource for students as part of their professional development, in many cases acting as a liaison with the PI's.
-In collaboration with PI's prepare, write, and submit Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols.
-Actively seek opportunities and avenues for new and additional funding from public and private sources including internal, government and industry.

(15%) Communicate with and act as a liaison with collaborators at the University of Wisconsin, UW Health, and at other institutions, including industry.

(10%) Other duties
-Become knowledgeable in the field of deep learning in medical imaging by attending various courses offered within and outside UW Madison.
-Keep abreast on scientific and technical developments in the field.
-Participate in national and international meetings.
-Contribute to strategic development for Radiology Informatics and Machine Learning efforts including collaboration across departments.
-Good document practices for software code.

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