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PVL # 232808

Position Summary:
This position provides quality assurance for contracted services and management of facility related insurance claims in the UW-Madison, Facilities Planning & Management, Physical Plant, Facility Support Contract unit. The position works under the general supervision of the Facility Support Contract Supervisor.

The position works closely with the many campus divisions to support facility insurance claim management. Additionally, the position works with UW-Madison staff requesting the service work and the vendors and contractors being contracted to provide services. The employee must be skilled in time management, prioritization and communication. Organization and details matter.

Work is managed in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The office is centrally located on campus in a professional environment, adjacent to both the Physical Plant Directors suite and working trade shops. With the need to be on-site regularly, this job will primarily work in the on-campus office environment. There may be a combination of both on-site and telecommuting work formats.

The University of Wisconsin, Facilities Planning and Management, is committed to the highest standard of customer relations' principals for its customers, fellow staff member, students, and visitors. Staff will serve as role models by practicing exemplary behaviors when working with customers and fellow staff members.

Principal duties:
Quality Assurance and Facility Insurance Claim Management (60%)
Coordinates management of multiple related projects and/or ongoing operations, which are directed toward a common objective. Monitors the cost, schedule, and performance of component projects and operations while working to ensure the ultimate success of the program.
General roles and responsibilities include:
- Creates a program plan and structure, monitors progress and performance against the program plan, and identifies, resolves, or escalates program risks and issues
- Leads and manages efforts to determine and coordinate the sharing of resources among component projects to the overall benefit of the program
- Manages the activities of outside contractors and vendors to ensure they are integrated into the program and that the organization receives satisfactory standards of service
- Facilitates the estimation of program costs, resources, and time required to complete the overall program, monitors activities and budgets, directs and leads component project manager activities for consistency and alignment, and works with program leadership to ensure these targets are met. Follows established change control processes if targets can no longer be met
- Prepares regular reports to communicate the status of the program within and beyond the program team, communicates program goals, risks, and status with program executive level, program sponsors, and stakeholders, and develops and uses appropriate dashboards, measures, and reporting tools
- Sets priorities, allocates tasks, and collaborates with project staff to meet program targets and milestones. Manages the change control process and acts as the mid-level decision making authority
- Establishes site observation schedules based on contract requirements; observes work to assure acceptable output, compliance with specifications and to monitor and document the use of specified materials; and coordinates technical assistance in resolving problems in contractor performance.

Communication (20%)
This role is critical to providing quality assurance of contracted maintenance, repair and improvement service work. The position actively communicates with a wide range of campus customers, vendors and contractors, physical plant trades, business office staff, risk management staff and customer service staff. Property Loss Insurance Claims are complex and can be emotional for occupants. This role serves as a subject matter expert and provides communication to many individuals in multiple formats. Site observation, scoping, budgeting, scheduling, tracking progress and providing regular updates are all vital skills required to complete both the high-level reports, and the detailed audits.

A general breadth of construction knowledge and vocabulary is required. It is important for the insurance representatives, trades staff, customer service representatives, vendors and contractors, Dean's, Department Chairs, Facility Managers and department occupants to all understand the cause of loss, and the scope of repairs required to bring the facility back on-line. High-level reporting to campus leadership must occur quickly. Ability to rapidly generate the scope, budget and schedule of the facility repairs needed is essential. This is done by working with many individuals, including the Physical Plant trades, restoration contractors and insurance consultants.

It is important to be able to understand and communicate with a variety of departments. There is also a need to be able to understand and communicate with Business Service representatives, including purchasing associates, auditors, financial specialists, and accounting. Insurance Claims require close monitoring and auditing of financial statements. Ability to review, analyze and answer questions about the financial details related to the facility repair work is also within the responsibilities of this role.

Data Management (10%)
The position generates and organizes data to support audits. Most of the data management is within the CMMS. Some data is also managed in other sources to support coordination with organizations outside of FP&M. Periodic cross referencing of databases is required to ensure information is correct and up to date. The position supports document management for UW-Madison Property Loss insurance Claims. The position monitors open releases and work orders associated with the claims to support financial closeout.

Other Duties (10%)
Assess contracted services at the outlying campus locations. Coordinate and annual review of the contracted services with on-location facility contacts. The position is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Contracted Performance Assessment and the facilities component of UW-Managed Property Loss Insurance Claims. The position will occasionally be part of departmental initiatives or special projects.

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