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PVL # 232765

Position Summary:
This position provides administrative support in the UW-Madison, Facilities Planning & Management, Physical Plant, Facility Support Contract unit and works under the general supervision of the Facility Support Contract Supervisor. The Physical Plant utilizes a wide range of service contracts to support facility maintenance, repair and improvement requirements. Responsibilities include review and processing of service requests and construction contract documents, along with various other organizational administrative needs. An understanding of Procurement processes, State of Wisconsin contracts, UW-Madison contracts, State statutes and Board of Regent policies will be essential.

The position works closely with the UW-Madison staff requesting the service work as well as the vendors and contractors being contracted to provide services. The employee must be skilled in time management, prioritization and communication. Organization and details matter; service requests and contractor payments require accuracy and quick turnaround.

Work is managed in a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The office is centrally located on campus in a professional environment, adjacent to both the Physical Plant Directors suite and working trade shops. The position would begin in a telecommuting setting until directed to return to the physical office environment.

The University of Wisconsin, Facilities Planning and Management, is committed to the highest standard of customer relations' principals for its customers, fellow staff member, students, and visitors. Staff will serve as role models by practicing exemplary behaviors when working with customers and fellow staff members.

Principal duties:
Service Contract Execution (60%)
The position supports Service Contract processing through research and data management. The position generates Purchase Order records in the appropriate delivery method. There are three primary delivery methods: Procurement Release, Construction Contract, and Specific Purchase Orders. Specific Purchase Orders are issued by FP&M Purchasing.
General roles and responsibilities include:
- Coordinate with service requestors, vendors and contractors to ensure invitation to bid documents, estimates/proposals/quotes are complete and are in accordance with institutional requirements
- Review that purchase requests are entered on appropriately funded work order phases and coded according to the service being provided
- Verify that vendor or contractor is properly credentialed in the University system. Collect current W-9 form and request company identification as required.
- Ensure that the vendor or contractor has a valid certificate of insurance (COI) on-file. Collect and review COI as required.
- Coordinate with Central Purchasing, FP&M Purchasing, Risk Management and Business Office to coordinate processing efforts and ensure institutional requirements are met
- Ensure prevailing wage rates are applied when required by state and federal regulations
- Generate and track construction contract documents which include the contract request, contract letter, contract, notice to proceed, change orders, request and certification for payment, and settlement certificate
- Review and process contractor request for payment paperwork
- Follow-up and provide status updates on construction contract payments
- Complete direct payment requests when required
- Complete Continuing Order Requisition requests
- Ensures contract delivery includes campus approved safety plans
- Ensure service order data is correct and up to date in CMMS
- Track and report on the status of all contracted service work

Communication (20%)
This role is critical to executing maintenance, repair and improvement service work. The position actively communicates with a wide range of campus customers, vendors and contractors, physical plant trades, business office staff and customer service staff. Service requestors may have limited contracting knowledge; the position supports customers to enable work requirements are delivered in a timely manner.

The front-end processing includes coordination with several departments to ensure the vendor or contractor is properly credentialed. Review of the work order phase for proper funding, description and work coding may include discussions with requestor, customer service representative and funding department contact. Follow-up with the vendor or requestor is required if the proposal or quotation is not complete and/or the work requested requires a different delivery method. Proper distribution of contract paperwork to multiple contacts enables on-site coordination. Being familiar with the FP&M organization, roles and responsibilities of the departments, and additional requirements associated with certain services will be key.

The closeout processing includes coordination with Business Office auditors. Following-up with service requestors, vendors and contractors when there are issues with invoices or requests for payment. Providing contractors status updates on contract payments. Coordination with Business Office and Accounts Payable as required to complete the payment process. Being organized and aware of all active service work is key. Quick turnaround and attention to detail in the closeout process allows for an accurate reflection of active work.

Data Management (10%)
The position manages and organizes data and supports audits. Most of the data management is within the CMMS. Some data is also managed in other sources to support coordination with organizations outside of FP&M. Periodic cross referencing of databases is required to ensure information is correct and up to date. The position supports document management of Division of Facilities Development (DFD) Small Projects. The position monitors open releases and work orders associated with DFD Small Projects to support financial closeout.

Other Duties (10%)
Generate DFD Small Project closeout paperwork and request State Transforming Agency Resources (STAR) Purchase Orders. The position is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Service Contracts and Service Contract execution. The position will occasionally be part of departmental initiatives or special projects.

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