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PVL # 232496

Position Summary:
The Precision Medicine Clinical Research Coordinator will join the Precision Medicine Research Team at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) and report directly to the Precision Medicine Manager. The primary goal of the Precision Medicine Team is to collect and analyze patient information for developing treatment recommendations based upon clinical characteristics
and molecular data. This team also aids in the acquisition of biospecimens for clinical research on precision medicine trials. This position will support various precision medicine initiatives and research studies by interfacing with hospital personnel, inpatient and outpatient clinics and a referral network as necessary to identify, collect, and disseminate patient and protocol information. The selected
candidate must demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills and an ability to work with patients and health care providers. The incumbent will work independently and as part of a group on multiple projects simultaneously, prioritizing projects based on deadlines and interdisciplinary collaboration. Attention to detail, time management and excellent organization will be critical to the success of this position.

The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself but, also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1) Study Coordination (30%): Provide study coordination for clinical trials as specified by the research protocol. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: obtain and document informed consent, assist with screening of potential study participants, determine patient eligibility, develop study specific materials (e.g., information sheets, source documents, data collection forms), obtain a variety of research data and create appropriate study documentation, assure that all federal, state, local, and university laws and regulations are adhered to as they relate to the protection of human subjects and to research compliance. Manage and coordinate care as specified by the protocol for study participants and maintain close communication with clinic schedulers, outpatient oncology clinic nursing staff, inpatient hospital nursing and pharmacy staff, and the Pharmaceutical Research Center.

2) Study Recruitment: (20%): Recruit and identify potential study participants and verify eligibility. Interpret protocol specific data from patient medical records to protocol case report forms or databases while identifying specific prior treatments and medications which may impact the patient's study participation.

3) Study Documentation (20%): Maintain knowledge of current active protocols, and facilitate data management with study investigator and sub-investigators. Maintain patient records, including but not limited to: documentation of changes in study activities and overall
health status of the study participant. Secure patient records and source documentation for sponsors, audits, and FDA inspections.

4) Subject Chart Management (10%): Work with Clinical Research Coordinators/Nurses to maintain research charts and ensure all data elements have been accurately collected with all source documents filed. This responsibility will include creating charts and maintaining their completeness and organization to ensure protocol, regulatory, and billing compliance.

5) Additional Support (20%): Assist Clinical Research Coordinators/Nurses with study coordination tasks, as needed. This may include, but is not limited to: lab kit preparation and management, billing slip submissions, Severe Adverse Event (SAE) reporting, and long-term follow-up of study participants.

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