University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 232331

Position Summary:
This position is responsible for the preparation and storage of chemicals, supplies, and instrumentation used in the instructional laboratories in the Department of Chemistry. Under the supervision of the laboratory directors, this position supports the instructional goals of the department and works closely with dozens of teaching assistants and thousands of students.

Worker responsibilities include preparation of laboratory experiments and demonstrations; maintenance/repair of a variety of
laboratory equipment, computers, and instrumentation; implementation of proper safety protocol for the storage, collection, and disposal of hazardous materials and waste; administrative oversight of the stockroom including hiring, training, and scheduling of student and temporary employees, inventory management and oversight; and developing notes and protocols associated with laboratory preparation.

Principal duties:
1. (50%) Acquisition, technical preparation, and organization of laboratory supplies, reagents, and equipment used in the instructional laboratories of the Department of Chemistry.

2. (25%) Oversee, train, and manage the schedule for undergraduate assistant, student hourly, and temporary employees. Perform administrative duties related to laboratory preparation support. Develop and maintain safety protocols and staff notes for experiment preparation.

3. (15%) Support and participate in the educational mission of the instructional laboratories in the Department of Chemistry, including providing customer service, providing safety and laboratory material assistance, and participating in meetings and trainings.

4. (10%) Inspect, maintain, and repair equipment, instrumentation, and computers used in instructional laboratories.

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