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PVL # 232321

Position Summary:
The Assessment and Curriculum Specialist is responsible for development and implementation of a competency-based assessment system that aligns with the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine curriculum. The Coordinator will work collaboratively with faculty and members of the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) to assure continuous quality improvement and regulatory compliance of assessment practices.

The successful candidate will demonstrate leadership, creativity and the ability to work independently to direct a comprehensive assessment program and will also possess the ability to work effectively with school administration, faculty and staff. She/he will also establish networks and connect with professionals in multiple disciplines for the purpose of enhancing our education assessment program.

The successful candidate will also incorporate tracking of possible inequity present in assessment methods/outcomes in order to develop an assessment program that ensures equitable evaluation of performance for all veterinary students.

The Specialist will work collaboratively with members of OAA, including instructional design and curricular administration specialists, under the direction of the Associate Dean for Professional Programs.

Principal duties:
1) Serve as an evaluation and assessment specialist for the SVM. 35%
Lead assessment instrument development including exam blueprints, standard setting, observation protocols, scoring rubrics, questionnaires, OSCEs and workplace-based assessments.
Develop and maintain an assessment toolbox that includes innovative, evidence-based assessment practices.
Lead professional development regarding all aspects of assessment; coaching faculty, staff, and learners on appropriate implementation and use of best practice assessment tools and resources.
Collaborate with faculty and administration to interpret outcomes and devise strategies to achieve excellence as defined by these outcomes.
Collaborate with team members of the Offices of Medical Education in the ongoing implementation and improvement of program evaluation and learning assessment processes.
2) Support the implementation and maintenance of educational software systems to support curriculum mapping, outcomes assessment, and data analytics. 35%
Work collaboratively with OAA team to provide support for educational software systems utilized throughout the DVM curriculum.
Oversee the use of SVM software as related to curriculum mapping, testing, and assessment, including establishment and revision of protocols for software used during assessments.
Maintaining databases with assessment data.
Provide leadership and direction in meetings with SVM IT team to discuss and problem-solve issues related to testing and assessment hardware and software needs.
Create assessment protocols and systems to effectively disseminate assessment protocols.
3) Oversee assessment performance analytics for quality improvement and longitudinal integration across curriculum. 20%
Oversee SVM compliance with accreditation standards for outcomes assessment.
Contribute to reports on curriculum design and assessment projects for internal documentation and for dissemination to stakeholders.
Analyze assessments as part of a continuous quality improvement process and provide specific feedback to faculty regarding their assessments.
Use performance metrics and analytics to ensure that evidence supports assessment methodologies employed.
4) Consult and collaborate on education research projects as related to assessment development and implementation. 10%
Partner with faculty and administrators to design studies to assess student learning outcomes and student experiences; evaluate course or program designs; and analyze development processes.

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