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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 232298

Position Summary:
The project administrator for the UW-Madison¿s Humanities Education for Anti-Racism Literacy (HEAL) in the Sciences and Medicine project, funded through the Mellon Foundation¿s Just Futures Initiative, will work under the direction of Center for the Humanities Director, Associate Director in conjunction with the project Primary Investigator and leadership team. The position is responsible for all budgetary and fiscal management, human resources and payroll operations, purchasing and reimbursements, and facilities and record-keeping for the HEAL project. The position is the primary liaison and oversees all human resources, payroll, and all other financial communication to the College of Letters & Science. The position will assist in event planning, travel arrangements, and program coordination as needed. The position is full-time renewable until December 2023.

Principal duties:
Accounting, Finance, Purchasing (40%)
- Serve as financial advisor for primary investigator and leadership team
- Initiate and implement process improvements in the areas of budget, personnel and financial management
- Provide analysis of budget performance to inform strategic planning
- In collaboration with other members of the senior leadership team, directs the development of the annual operating budget
- Manages the financial functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement, and auditing
- Develops tools and metrics for managing the project budget
- Directs the collection and presentation of data relating to the project¿s financial status

Grant/Research/Contract Management (20%)
- In collaboration with the primary investigator and leadership team, develops strategies for annual program calendar development designed to maximize capacity of the project
- Provide high levels of customer communications that foster key long-term relationships necessary for the project¿s sustainability.
- Administers, processes, and tracks all components of the grant, including signed agreements, cost estimates, deposits, collection of required forms and paperwork, reporting documentation, and final invoices.
- Directs research administration including all aspects of pre- and post-award for federal and non-federal awards, as well as project spending
- Interprets funding agency and university policies and formulates new policies and procedures for the project, as necessary
- Ensures project¿s compliance with federal, state, funding agency, and university regulations

Payroll Administration (15%)
- Initiates new appointments and oversees the accurate payrolling of faculty, student fellows, academic staff, postdocs, LTEs, and student hourly workers
- Interprets and stays up-to-date on all state and university and college policies and procedures relating to appointments and payrolling
- Accurately prepares and submits required forms to reflect accurate appointment levels or changes in the final budget

Event Planning, Program Coordination (15%)
- Coordinates with other UW departments as required.
- Develops and maintains files for all HEAL project business, history, operations, reports, and personnel. Maintain all Center records following the University General Records schedules. Stores or destroys records as required, utilizing the State Records Center.
- Promotes public humanities programs via HEAL¿s website, social media channels, and other communications.
- Participates in meetings and attends programs as a member of the HEAL project team and Center for the Humanities staff.
- Coordinates certain event and conference activities for the Center, including processing PIRs, ordering food and other necessary materials, arranging accommodations, parking permits, and airport transportation for guest speakers.
- Utilizing Concur, assists visitors with travel arrangements including: lodging, airfare, rental cars, car fleet. Stays current with all rules and regulations pertaining to travel.
- Utilizing the E-Reimbursement system, approves expense reimbursement requests, tracking expenditures under appropriate accounts. Ensures appropriate and valid account coding information is entered on all reimbursement requests. Ensures that expenses are compliant with UW policies and regulations.

Management, Policies, and Procedures (10%)
- Overall day-to-day responsibility for budget, financial management, human resources, and research administration
- In collaboration with the Primary Investigator, directs and manages the direction of marketing efforts for the grants programs; coordinates, documents, and reports on grant-sponsored activities; and assists in the development of relationships with both existing and new partners
- Assists other senior leadership in the planning and management of research and outreach activities in the project
- Assists management in ensuring compliance with all policies and procedures, interprets existing policies, develops and recommends new policies, and advises the senior leadership team on policy and procedural issues.
- Handles additional tasks as assigned

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