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PVL # 232213

Position Summary:
The Brauer Group Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking for a 100% appointment full-time lab manager to assist Dr. Markus Brauer and his graduate students coordinate and conduct studies. Research in the lab focuses on group phenomena. The goal is to understand how people's thought processes, perceptions of others, and behaviors are affected by being member of a social group/category (e.g., African Americans, people with disabilities, managers). Members of the lab study these issues from both basic science and applied, public intervention perspectives. More information on the lab and our activities can be found at:

The lab manager assists on all on-going lab projects including research on (a) prejudice & discrimination and (b) people┬┐s reactions to norms transgressions and immoral behaviors. In addition, they will be responsible for ongoing Wisconsin Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (WiscAMP) research administration. They will also contribute to the development of new projects, including the designing and testing of social interventions aimed at changing people's sustainable behaviors.

Principal duties:
50% Project Support:
- Oversee the development and implementation of research projects
- Submit IRB protocols and renewals
- Manage recruitment efforts and participant remuneration
- Contribute to data collection and analysis
- Contribute to manuscript production and grant writing
- Draft materials for new and existing projects
- Create, review and revise lab protocols
- Ensure secure data files, and secure backups

50% Administrative Lab Support:
- Maintain campus and community relationships and collaborations
- Supervise undergraduate research assistants and student hourlies
- Serve as lab's primary contact
- Manage all lab finances including cash advances, purchases, grants management, license and
membership renewals, reimbursements, etc.
- Update and maintain lab website and manual
- Coordinate meetings for members of the lab and visiting scholars
- Assist with administrative responsibilities for all ongoing research project efforts of Dr. Markus Brauer

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