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PVL # 231902

Position Summary:
Under the general direction of the Senior Trade Superintendent or Shop Supervisor, Department of Maintenance, Physical Plant, this position will be responsible for improving and facilitating shop's material requirements. The position is responsible for cradle-to-grave material support for the shops. The position is the liaison between the shops and the purchasing agent (typically the Maintenance Department's Shop Stores). The position is responsible for developing individual purchase requests, facilitating requirements for shop store inventory, managing shop stock, facilitating delivery of material, and communicating material status. The Material Liaison is the material and inventory Subject Matter Expert (SME) for their shop.

The purpose of this position is to improve the delivery of Physical Plant's products and services through material management efficiencies.

Evaluates program compliance with existing regulations, policy, guidelines, procedures and sound business practices.

The University of Wisconsin, Facilities Planning and Management, is committed to the highest standard of customer relations' principals for its customers, fellow staff member, students, and visitors. Staff will serve as role models by practicing exemplary behaviors when working with customers and fellow staff members.

Principal duties:
A. 30% Developing Material Purchasing Requirements (Purchase Requests)
1. Responsible for developing the shop's material requirements using an Integrated Work Management System {IWMS - currently Assetworks).
- Purchase Requests for material not in Shop Store Inventory.
- Request for additions to Shop Store Inventory.
- Request for material for Shop Stock.
- Request ror contract support.
2. Use automated queries and reports to manage requests. Follows up on outstanding orders to check status and to expedite as necessary. Tracks and communicates status with shop personnel. Develops reports to track status of material requests.
3. Responsible for writing proper specifications that include the correct nomenclature, part number, stock number and other data necessary to identify the exact material needed. Identifies options for interchangeability, substitution, or cannibalization when lead-time, cost or availability is a factor. Research may be required to identify and locate the required material.

B. 20% Managing Shop Stock
1. Coordinates the positioning, allocation, reallocation, and replenishment of shop material that is not in the shop store. This material is Shop Stock and includes items such as; consumable material, emergency material, large or bulky items, attic stock, accumulated loose material, etc. Monitors consumption and reports indications of abuse to management for investigation.
2. Determines requirements, and obtains shop stock from the shop store and manages the delivery to shop personnel or storage in common areas. This includes tracking the material that became shop stock.
3. Works to transition accumulated loose material into inventory, shop stock, or excess. The Material Liaison tracks location of converted loose material and communicates to shop personnel.

C. 20% Communication
1. Provides consistent and ongoing support to shop personnel on all material issues. Proactively communicates with shop personnel on material status. Serves as the primary communication conduit between the shops and the shop stores.
2. Develops and communicates reports that facilitate the material process. Communicates status of initiatives and special projects to senior leadership.
3. Collaborates with a variety of Physical Plant personnel on material issues and special projects.

D. 20% Facilitate Material Delivery
1. Facilitates and delivers of materials to shop personal. This includes delivering to work locations. Packages material to support efficient operations. Analyzes planned work and develops and implements recommendations for material availability.

E. 10% Other Assigned Duties
1. The incumbent is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for material and inventory for the respective shop. The incumbent will routinely lead or be part of departmental initiatives related to facility maintenance and mateiial issues. This could be technical, financial, or personnel related.

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