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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 231863

Position Summary:
Responsible for a variety of professional level work across a variety of administrative service areas including budget, finance, procurement, and human resources with impact across the institution in support of unit or institutional goals.

Within our program, we have Financial Analyst - Rotation Program roles that will rotate through four assignments
over a two-year timeframe throughout the Finance and Accounting departments/functions at the University.

The program allows you to rotate through areas such as, but not limited to: Campus Budget Office, Procurement, Accounting, Bursar, auxiliary units (e.g. housing facilities), and schools/colleges (Business, Letters & Science, Medicine, Engineering).

UW-Madison is currently accepting applications for the July 2021 program.

- Two-year, entry level rotation program that supports development of technical and leadership skills
- Strong, dynamic team environment and interaction with senior managers and key leaders across the organization
- One-on-one mentoring with experienced leaders across campus and within various divisions or schools
- Directed and sponsored by the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration office and divisions

Principal duties:
Job responsibilities will evolve based on the specific rotation assignment with the following overarching duties:

- Implements and executes established policies and procedures for a designated work unit to adhere to unit objectives and to align with established strategies

- Analyzes data and trends, compiles progress reports, and provides appropriate recommendations or conclusions in support of the assigned operational work unit(s)

- Assists staff on unit or program administrative issues and budgetary problems

- Serves on committees and attends meetings, representing the interests of the unit or program

- Engages in developmental related activities specific to the rotation program and each rotation assignment

- Prepares continuity plans during each rotation assignment offboarding

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