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PVL # 231862

Position Summary:
This position performs technical responsibilities in support of the 24/7 needs of the Critical Care Unit and Emergency Services of UW Veterinary Care (UWVC). The position requires the individual to make independent and responsible decisions which may affect the outcome/quality of animal life. Requires the ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs. independently and physical and manual dexterity to perform specialized technical tasks. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

1) Oversees/guides workflow in area focusing on special patient needs.
2) Anticipates needs of clinicians in procedures and primary care.
3) Participates in case overviews to better access and direct technical patient support.
4) Develops knowledge and responsibility in area of specialization to include maintenance of special equipment, instructing others in use and care, assisting clinician/students in procedures.
5) Contributes to team management care utilized in Critical Care Unit and Emergency Services.

Principal duties:
55% - Responsible for independently and proficiently performing the following technical/nursing responsibilities:
- Restrains varied domestic, exotic, and wildlife species.
- Monitors vital signs: heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure, color of mucous membranes, capillary refill time, and temperature as directed.
- Places, maintains and removes intravascular and urinary catheters.
- Assures patient comfort and cleanliness.
- Maintains accurate records relative to each patient's progress.
- Assures quality patient care in the CCU/Emergency Services.
- Continuously monitors patients for potential signs of distress and alerts clinician of development.
- Performs emergency care when directed or until clinician support arrives:
a) is familiar with CPR techniques and able to initiate procedure as necessary;
b) is knowledgeable about administering shock therapy and aiding respiratory distress cases; and
c) is familiar with blood bank and knowledgeable about transfusion procedures.
- Responsible for providing assistance to clinical faculty during procedures and primary care.
- Independently performs laboratory tests:
a) obtains data and records results in patient records
b) obtains specimens as requested
- Administer sedation, anesthetic induction, and maintenance agents. Continuously monitors patient vitals during anesthesia and alerts clinician of potential problems or signs of distress.

15% - Responsible for overseeing/initiating after-hours responsibilities at UWVC:
- Provides UWVC with after-hours emergency telephone answering service.
- Is knowledgeable about isolation protocol/procedures.
- Oversees UWVC after-hours security protocol is maintained (i.e. key policy and building access).
- Is familiar with Pharmacy area and provides assistance with after-hours requests.
- Provides after-hours assistance with the Canine and Feline blood donor programs.
- Provides triage and emergent care to incoming patients of the Emergency Service, including, but not limited to, answering phones, assisting Clinicians, triaging cases, educating students and helping the ER Vet. Tech(s) as needed.

10% - Responsible for providing technical assistance in area of specialization.:
- Insures equipment is in proper working order and provides daily maintenance requirements.
- Provides/oversees maintenance and troubleshooting techniques with specialty equipment.
- Maintains logs/ordering associated with specialty equipment.
- Initiates requests, work orders, and maintenance contracts; provides follow through when needed.
- Provides written procedures or guidelines, searches product information, oversees inventory associated with specialty.
- Assists with assembly, testing and operation of equipment used in the provision of emergency and critical care.

10% - Responsible for participating in instruction as needed.:
- Assists in instructing professional veterinary students in operational procedures and protocol specific to area or task at hand.
- Assists in providing on-the-job training of entry level Veterinary Technicians, limited term employees, and student employees.

5% - Responsible for assisting in the daily operation of the CCU Unit.:
- Records and maintains patient data essential for accurate records; records log data and completes/forwards patient bills.
- Maintains/replenishes inventory supplies.
- Assists in developing policies, procedures and protocols as needed.
- Operates all equipment in the area to include: EKG, direct and indirect blood pressure equipment, entidal CO2 analyzer and oximeter, and ventilator.
- General cleaning and maintenance associated with the area.

5% - Participates in technical support duties as assigned by UWVC.:
- In all areas of UWVC, both in animal contact and non-animal related duties (e.g. Medical Records, Reception area, Central Supply, Pharmacy, Clinical Pathology).
- Teaching and research labs to include assisting and organizational responsibilities.
- Working flex/on-call hours and variable shifts, including weekends and holidays, based on the needs of the unit.
- Other duties as assigned by the unit.

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