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PVL # 231818

Position Summary:
This position involves coordinating clinical research trials within the UW Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. The primary responsibilities involve nursing care for research participants and management of clinical research protocols. The types of studies include, but are not limited to, NIH or Industry sponsored clinical research involving drugs, devices, biologic agents and imaging. This position will report to the CVM Clinical Research Supervisor and work closely with the principal investigators, other research coordinators and clinic staff.

The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself but, also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
Nursing/Research Participant Care Responsibilities will include but not limited to: 80%
-Participates in the recruitment, screening, consent, outpatient and inpatient study visits for clinical studies by conducting physical health assessments and procedures.
-Provides professional nursing care to research participants according to research protocols and standard clinical practice.
-Provides appropriate treatment plan direction and information to study participants
-Serves as main point of contact and liaison to project participants, investigators, research sponsors, and the research team delivering study information in accordance with established research project standards and protocols
-Serves a primary point of contact for emergent study participant situations related to adverse effects or complications of the study

Research Specific Responsibilities will include but not limited to: 20%
-Develop and prepare clinical research proposals including but not limited to the Health Sciences IRB, the CRU, UPH Meriter IRB, Commercial IRB's, UWHC Research Safety, and UW-Madison IBC. Prepare subject information/consent/authorization forms
-Assist with development of a comprehensive budget for each study protocol.
-Maintain credentialing and certification in all human subjects research requirements for UW-Madison, UWHC and UPH Meriter Hospital
-Complete data collection and data management as specified by the research protocol; submit to study sponsor as required, and ensure protocol and regulatory compliance throughout the project period.
-Provide back-up support for other cardiovascular medicine clinical research coordinators.

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