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Position Summary:
CDL Wisconsin is a partnership between the Wisconsin School of Business, the School of Computer Data & Information Sciences at UW-Madison, and the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) of Toronto, Ontario. The initiative is an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage science- and technology-based companies. The program has created more than $4.2 billion in equity in less than nine years targeting companies that have the potential to transform our social, industrial, and economic landscape.

The Director of CDL Wisconsin has overall responsibility for the success of the program, The Director will plan, manage and supervise the activities of this initiative, will supervise day-to-day operations, and provide direction to the CDL staff members.

Principal duties:
CDL Leadership & Operations:
Recruit, onboard, and train team members including Venture Managers, Project Managers, and Program Coordinators/Administrators
Oversee day-to-day team operations including venture recruiting, venture management, and event
planning and logistics
Ensure quality of all CDL documentation and external facing material
Support fundraising efforts as required (alongside the Site Lead and CDL-Global)
Oversee the recruitment of a minimum of 25 and up to 35 world-class mentors for each CDL Wisconsin stream
Develop and manage relationships with key CDL stakeholders including mentors, scientists, venture investors, and funding organizations
Responsible for the implementation of the CDL-Global Standard Operating Procedures at CDL Wisconsin
Serve as the main point of contact with the CDL-Global team with respect to operational issues
and ensure complete knowledge transfer to and from the CDL Site

Recruitment & Selection of Ventures:
Oversee the recruitment of startups with an emphasis on recruiting high potential scalable companies to the program
Under the leadership of the Site Lead, apply analytical tools and evaluation frameworks to assess
fit for early-stage science and engineering-based start-ups that apply to CDL Wisconsin
Lead the venture review, interview, and final selection process for each cohort

Venture Management:
Manage a cohort of up to 25 early-stage technology start-up companies each year, and have supervisory responsibility for the Venture Managers who each has approximately 12-13 companies in their portfolios
Venture Management involves regular progress advising, reporting, and problem-solving with the Venture founders and their mentors throughout the 9-month program

Management & Administration:
Supports CDL Wisconsin fundraising efforts and the development of key corporate partnerships
Directly responsible for the reporting, advising, and ultimately the success (relative to program completion and the ability to attract investment) of up to 25 ventures in each cohort
Full scope performance management, providing positive feedback and encouragement as well as
dealing with any performance issues of staff, up to and including termination
Ensures team is achieving its targets based on CDL KPIs (equity value creation and maximizing net promoter score from Fellows/Associates and ventures)
Ensures quality of all CDL documentation and external facing material

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