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PVL # 231609

Position Summary:
The UW - Discovery Farms Program develops on-farm and related research to determine the economic and environmental effects of agricultural practices on a diverse group of Wisconsin farms. This position will coordinate on-farm research and demonstration projects designed to help farmers evaluate the relative water quality impacts and economic efficiency of their nitrogen management practices, including the nitrogen use efficiency project. Additional information about nitrogen use efficiency practices can be found at

As an academic staff member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension, employed with the Discovery Farms Program, the Nitrogen Use Efficiency Project Coordinator will work directly with the UW - Discovery Farms Co-Directors and other program staff members to accomplish the purpose of the position, namely coordinating research and delivering educational information and materials to agricultural producers, industry personnel, agency personnel, and the general public.

Principal duties:
Educate farmers, crop consultants, and policy makers on concepts of nitrogen use efficiency
- Coordinate nitrogen use efficiency assessments performed by partners throughout Wisconsin
- Coordinate on-farm nitrogen leaching studies organized by Discovery Farms throughout Wisconsin
- Gather and organize data collected from nitrogen use efficiency and on-farm nitrogen leaching projects to compare nitrogen use and leaching dynamics within and among farming systems
- Train partners to set up trial areas for zero nitrogen application test areas, collect soil and tissue samples, and water samples ensuring quality control of recordkeeping and sampling
- Train partners and assist in collection of on-farm agronomic and water quality data for nitrogen leaching water quality and nitrogen use efficiency studies
- Organize and facilitate Discovery Farms-led meetings and educational events on nitrogen projects
- Analyze water quality and agronomic data collected in projects and collaborate with Discovery Farms staff to develop educational materials for various audiences
- Communicate updates regularly and appropriately, including with Discovery Farms staff and partners
- Create articles and postings highlighting on-farm nitrogen findings for popular press articles and social media efforts
- Develop cooperative relationships with farmer-led watershed groups participating in nitrogen use efficiency and on-farm nitrogen leaching studies
- Develop trust-based and cooperative relationships and coordinate work with Discovery Farms partners including University personnel, state and federal agency personnel, and others
- Be responsive to evolving position, program, office and organizational needs; perform adjusted or additional duties as requested
- Reach and engage diverse audiences in ways that are inclusive and do not discriminate to ensure full access to programs, facilities and educational services

Position Clarification:
This position is subject to University of Wisconsin-System, University of Wisconsin Extension and Cooperative Extension human resource policies. This position description is not intended to be comprehensive in nature given the changes in primary duties/essential job functions and position expectations that can occur over time in response to emerging and assessed community, program and organizational needs. Changes to this position description are subject to the approval of the Cooperative Extension Human Resource Development Office and those to whom the position is accountable.

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