University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 231599

Position Summary:
The role involves assisting on all research studies and contributing to the development of new studies, performing all administrative tasks in the lab, and acting as a liaison between the lab and our collaborators both on and off campus.

Principal duties:
45% Assist Research Support & Development of New Studies
- Oversee the development and implementation of research projects
- Submit IRB protocols and renewals
- Manage recruitment efforts
- Contribute to data collection and analysis
- Manage participant remuneration
- Contribute to manuscript production
- Administer and code research protocols
- Create, review and revise lab protocols
- Ensure secure data files, and secure backups

40% Administrative Lab Tasks
- Serve as lab's primary contact
- Supervise undergraduate research assistants and student hourlies
- Manage all lab finances including cash advances, purchases, grants management, license and membership renewals,
reimbursements, etc.
- Assist with all ongoing research project efforts of Dr. Morton Ann Gernsbacher

15% Research Liaison
- Draft materials for new and existing projects
- Maintain campus and community relationships and collaborations

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