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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 231509

Position Summary:
The Care Manager under the supervision of Mental Health Services Leadership Team Member at UHS will provide case management services to a growing population of undergraduate and graduate students with complex mental health needs through coordination of care between campus and community resources, including coordination of care for psychiatry patients, post-hospitalization support, and resource identification for under-resourced students. In addition to direct client care, this position will consult with campus partners that serve students including, but not limited to Student Affairs including the McBurney Disability Resource Center and Dean of Students Office.

Principal duties:
I. Direct Clinical Service 65%
1) Facilitate the referral of students from a brief therapy model at UHS to longer term/specialized care and resources in the community;
2) Create linkages with Madison community resources to refer students with significant mental health needs and who have inadequate insurance coverage;
3) Provide case management services to coordinate care for those students with higher clinical needs or those who have been referred to community mental health providers including those who continue to receive psychiatry services at UHS;
4) Collaborate and consult with crisis providers and other UHS providers who are working with students with higher clinical needs;
5) Act as liaison between UHS and campus offices that serve student to coordinate efforts in dealing with at-risk students with complex mental health needs.

6) Collaborate with other members of interdisciplinary treatment team.
7) Participate in the Mental Health Services on call rotation
8) Provide triage services

Additional options for Direct Clinical Services may include:
1. Provide individual or couples therapy services
2. Provide group therapy services
II. Administrative Duties 35%:
1) Maintains accurate and timely documentation for all clinical interactions and consultations
2) Serve as needed on multidisciplinary teams within UHS and on the campus.
3) Involved in the development and implementation of programs and services related to case management for students.
4) Collaborates with providers and staff in UHS units and with campus partners;
5) Follows agency policies and procedures consistent with state mental health statutes, ethical guidelines, best practices, HIPAA, and FERPA;
6) Attends staff, and workgroup meetings;
7) Attends Mental Health sponsored professional development activities;
8) Other duties as assigned.

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