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PVL # 231507

Position Summary:
As a member of the Credit Evaluation Services (CES) area, within the Office of the Registrar¿s Student Services unit, this position will join a team responsible for processing all transfer course and test credit evaluations for undergraduate students, CES evaluated 59,000 transfer courses and awarded over 265,000 total transfer (course & test) credits for over 11,000 applicants and current students in the last year. The CES team supports the Office of Admissions and Recruitment (OAR) in the recruitment of prospective students locally, nationally, and internationally. Annually, the OAR reviews 35,000 freshmen and 6,000 transfer applications who generally come in with transfer, and advanced standing credits.

This position works under the general supervision of the Assistant Registrar for Credit Evaluation Services, to assist with day-to-day communications, working with departments to evaluate transfer syllabi, creating and updating course transfer rules, and other projects.

UW-Madison is participating in the UW-System-wide implementation of CollegeSource (TES® and Transferology®). This position will work with the CES team and campus partners to continue the transition to TES/Transferology.

Principal duties:
Goal: A 100% Provide assistance and support to Credit Evaluation Services with processing daily credit evaluations, reviewing and updating course equivalent rules, and the ongoing implementation of TES/Transferology.

Activity: A1 Work with campus partners to review existing course equivalencies in SIS, assess outdated or inaccurate transfer rules and assist with the process of inactivating or correcting those equivalencies.

Activity: A2 Work with transfer feeder institutions to collect syllabi, route syllabi to appropriate UW-Madison departments for review, and develop course equivalent rules in SIS.

Activity: A3 As needed, assist the Assistant Registrar for Credit Evaluation Services with outreach to campus partners and academic departments seeking guidance with credit evaluation needs.

Activity: A4 Assist the CES team with incoming or outgoing communications (telephone, email and Customer Relationship Management system) within the CES area and with other duties, as needed.

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