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PVL # 231469

Position Summary:
The Fair Play Project is supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The purpose of this project is to increase understanding of implicit racial bias and its effects on graduate students and faculty in STEMM fields through workshops and other types of training. The Evaluator works closely with the project team to conduct both formative and summative evaluation for this project as means to ensure its success.

Principal duties:
* Develop logic models and identify outcomes and other indicators of project completion and success.
* Collect data from program participants using mixed methods, including underlying game play data.
* Analyze data appropriate to collection methods (quantitative and qualitative).
* Provide both formative feedback and summative program outcomes.
* Maintain management plans and systems to ensure anonymity and confidentiality of data.
* Ensure the ethical and legal treatment of human subjects in research.
* Report results and findings to individual institutions, projects PIs, and funding agencies.
* Work with PI and Project team to publish findings.
* Support proposal applications for funding to further the work of the project.

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