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PVL # 231229

Position Summary:
This position will work with the Director of the Wisconsin Intensive Summer Languages Institutes (WISLI) and the Director of the Language Program Office (LPO) to support grant and program activities and ensure programs are meeting stated language proficiency, culture acquisition, and research project outcomes. In addition, this position will be involved in designing and delivering pedagogy training to other instructors of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) as well as the development of Hindi and Urdu materials to be used for remote, in-person, or hybrid language classes. This position will support the following programs and any additional South Asian/LCTL language-related project funded through the LPO. Programs include: South Asian Flagship Language Initiatives (SAFLI); the South Asia Summer Language Institute (SASLI); the Project Global Officers (PGO), the Regional Flagship Languages Initiative┬┐s Culture Initiative, etc.

Principal duties:
SAFLI/SASLI/PGO Hindi-Urdu Language Pedagogy and Culture Coordinator (45%)
Assist Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) Director and Summer Language Institutes (SLI) Assistant Director in coordination with the pre-service pedagogy and orientation week for instructors
Liaise and coordinate with the SASLI Directors and the WISLI Director on pedagogical workshops, program orientations, and summer term programs
Work with SAFLI Coordinator to plan excursions and supplemental language materials, attend at least one SAFLI excursion during the summer
Work with SAFLI Coordinator to review, proctor, and administer SAFLI exams (exit exams, American Councils exams etc.)
Work with SAFLI Coordinator to ensure best proficiency outcomes in program add-ons such as language table, language partners, etc.
Co-lead meetings with SAFLI students in preparation for the Pre-Departure Orientation with the Academic Director and FLI Director
Coordinate SAFLI student level placement in the summer program with Hindi/Urdu instructors
Review Hindi/Urdu summer syllabi and ensure content quality
Review Hindi/Urdu weekly lesson schedule, provide feedback and schedule meetings with instructors as needed
Meet with Hindi/Urdu instructors at the beginning and mid-term to discuss course evaluations, with additional observations as needed
Observe classes and conduct a follow-up conference with any new SASLI Hindi/Urdu instructors; work directly with Hindi/Urdu instructional staff to ensure best proficiency outcomes
Co-lead an all-instructor SASLI pedagogy workshop at midterm to discuss evaluations and any cross-program issues
Work with the Hindi/Urdu instructional staff who have distance students in their courses to ensure best proficiency outcomes
Work with Hindi/Urdu instructional staff and SASLI Administrative Team to ensure that program policies, standards, and expectations are met
Hire, train and supervise Faculty Assistant piloting asynchronous Hindi course for the SASLI 2022 summer program
Lead a Hindi-Urdu phonology workshop (or other acquisition-based workshop) for SAFLI students
Work with WISLI Director, SLI Assistant Director, SLI Coordinator, FLI Director/SLI Director and SASLI LCTL Pedagogy Coordinator on visitor observation schedules for Hindi/Urdu classes
Create and revise SAFLI exit materials (e.g., exit exams) and review for student summaries. Follow-up with Hindi/Urdu instructors to ensure SAFLI program deadlines are met
Create SAFLI student portfolios (including exit materials) and end-of-program summaries; coordinate sharing with overseas SAFLI partners
Create progress report templates for SAFLI instructors (to be distributed to students and added to the SAFLI exit portfolios)
Create community project templates/rubrics for SAFLI program and other project-based language learning activities
Work with WISLI Director to create content for instructor training programs and grant proposals
Serve on SAFLI/SASLI hiring and award review committees as needed
Travel to India in November to conduct a SAFLI site visit to Jaipur and Lucknow
Travel to India (Delhi) in late December or late August to conduct pedagogy workshops for SAFLI overseas providers
Coordinate student level placement abroad and fall reading course enrollment with overseas SAFLI partners and UW-Madison International Academic Programs (IAP)
Provide support to the SASLI and SAFLI Administrative Teams as needed
Assist stakeholders in promoting excellence of Hindu/Urdu program at UW-Madison
Represent SASLI, SAFLI, and WISLI at professional conferences
Participate in SAFLI workshops held at the Annual Conference on South Asia
Work with Center for South Asia Associate Director and Assistant Director to prepare for annual SASLI consortium member meetings; attend annual SASLI consortium-member meetings
Work with Center for South Asia Associate Director and Assistant Director, Project GO Coordinator, and SLI Director/FLI Director to prepare annual/quarterly reporting materials for grant sponsors, in addition to grant application preparation
Attend continuing education training opportunities to ensure ongoing skill development
Work with SASLI instructors, SAFLI and PGO Coordinators to ensure cultural content is integrated into the curriculum

Materials Development (academic and cultural), Maintenance and Coordination, & Teaching (40%)

Teach and develop either a South Asian studies content course or a Hindi/Urdu language course, as needed
Research and develop sustainment materials for Hindi and Urdu
Using proficiency-based approaches to second-language, complete materials development for asynchronous Elementary Hindi course for the SASLI summer 2022 program, including script tutorial videos, worksheets, instructor guides and asynchronous homework assignments balancing all four skills, integrated performance assessments (IPAS), and the adaptation of accessible technologies
Assist the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) LCTL Pedagogy Coordinator in providing feedback to South Asian language instructional staff and FLTAs on syllabi, lesson plans, and materials development, as needed
Assist ALC LCTL Pedagogy Coordinator in semester/annual performance reviews for South Asian language instructional staff, as needed
Coordinate and liaise with the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures on service committees, as needed
Coordinate the Culture Module materials required for the South Asian Flagship Languages Initiative in Hindi and Urdu, working with culture content creators for finalized products
Coordinate additional cultural and modules required for SASLI, Project GO, and Center for South Asia (Title VI) programs as required

Language Program Office Liaison for study abroad (10%)

Work with Project GO overseas providers in proficiency-based curriculum development and implementation
Provide pedagogy workshops/trainings virtually or in-person to in-country staff
Collaborate on syllabi development with in-country staff
Serve on Project GO review committee

Other Duties as Assigned (5%)

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