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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 229740

Position Summary:
Under the supervision of Mental Health Services Leadership Team Clinician, the Mental Health Provider-Generalist will provide clinical services and campus-based programming for UW-Madison students. To this end, the Mental Health Provider - Generalist performs the following:

Principal duties:
Direct Clinical Service (65%):
1) Provides individual, and group therapy services;
2) Participates in the provision of clinical crisis services and on-call mental health services (during business hours);
3) Provided campus-based services/outreach including programming and consultation;
4) Responds to campus crises;
5) Demonstrates a commitment to culturally responsive treatment and serving under-represented/underserved populations.

Additional options for Direct Clinical Services may include:
1) Provides behavioral health interventions within Medical Services;
2) Provides couple/partner therapy services;
3) Provides supervision of assigned trainees including goal setting, evaluations, and disciplinary action in accordance with training policy and procedures; and
4) Administers and interprets limited assessment measures.

Administrative Duties (35%)
1) Maintains accurate and timely documentation for all clinical interactions and consultations;
2) Involved in the development and implementation of programs and services at MHS ;
3) Collaborates with providers and staff in UHS units and with campus partners;
4) Follows agency policies and procedures consistent with state mental health statutes, ethical guidelines, best practices, HIPAA, and FERPA;
5) Attends staff, and workgroup meetings as assigned;
6) Attends Mental Health sponsored professional development activities;
7) Serves on internal and external committees;
8) Other duties as assigned.

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