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PVL # 229253

Position Summary:
This position will support the Konopka Lab, led by Dr. Adam Konopka, in the Biology of Aging program. Dr. Konopka's research focuses on the biology and metabolism of the aging musculoskeletal system. The Konopka Lab uses healthspan extending treatments as tools to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that delay the onset or slow the progression of
age-related osteoarthritis and loss of skeletal muscle health.

The School of Medicine and Public Health, and the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology have a deep and profound commitment to diversity both as an end in itself, but also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
1. Conduct gain and loss of function experiments in cell culture and animal models by using molecular biology techniques and/or pharmacological approaches.
2. Lead animal studies using approaches to induce osteoarthritis.
3. Assist in evaluating mitochondrial respiration and reactive oxygen species production.
4. Lead and participate in project management including sample preparation, data generation and data analysis.
5. Manage and maintain laboratory research documents (animal protocols, wet laboratory standard operation procedures, lab member training records, invoices, onboarding/new hire coordination paperwork).
6. Support the laboratory with research administrative tasks such as organizing and maintaining supply and sample inventories and ordering/ensuring maintenance of lab equipment.
7. Interface with other departments and organizations within the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the William S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital GRECC as needed.
8. Other duties as assigned.

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