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PVL # 229052

Position Summary:
One field technician needed to assist with winter small mammal trapping project in northern Wisconsin. Technician would be helping collect data for a long-term study looking at how winter small mammal communities are affected by forest management, forest structure, and annual snow cover. Animals will be captured using Sherman live traps and processed in the field. The data collected in this study will be used to inform forest management and understand how climate change and changing snow cover is affecting small mammal communities in northern forests. The project is a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin, the US Forest Service, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, and Wisconsin DNR.
Responsibilities include:
Capturing and processing small mammals using Sherman live traps in snowy winter conditions
Driving and navigating using 4wd vehicles
Collecting and maintaining data in the field and entering data daily
Cleaning/repairing traps

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Principal duties:
75%: Assist with setting traps, trapping, and processing animals in the field
15%: Trap and equipment maintenance
10%: Data entry and organization

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