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PVL # 228507

Position Summary:
The Waisman Center is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases throughout the lifespan. One of 14 centers of its kind in the United States, the Waisman Center encompasses laboratories for biomedical and behavioral research, a brain imaging center, and a clinical bio-manufacturing facility for the production of pharmaceuticals for early stage human clinical trials. In addition to its research efforts, the Center provides an array of services to people with developmental disabilities, offers numerous educational and outreach programs to young children and their families, and trains scientists and clinicians who will serve our nation in the future.

This position will work within the Ferrazzano Laboratory at the Waisman Center, and will coordinate a project conducted across multiple departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This position will support a program project studying concussion and mild traumatic brain injury in children. The Research Specialist will be the lead staff person responsible for overall management and organization of the project, and coordination between four Principal Investigators (PIs) and other research staff supporting the studies within this program project. Additionally, this position will oversee and assist with subject recruitment, study assessments, and data collection across the project.

Principal duties:
Support and Implement Research (60%):
- Administer study assessments and questionnaires to research participants.
- Collect and enter data into the study databse. Manage and coordinate data collection efforts, and maintain study database. Ensure the quality and integrity of data collection by performing periodic quality assurance checks.
- Oversee participant recruitment, consent subjects for enrollment into the study, screen participants and coordinate scheduling of study visits and assessments.

Research Administration and Management Responsibilities (40%):
- Prepare and maintain regulatory and compliance documents.
- Implement and maintain human subjects IRB protocols to ensure compliance with all federal, state and institutional regulations guiding human subjects research.
- Assist study PI's with follow-up reporting to IRB protocols and regulatory reports.
- Communicate and coordinate efforts between site PIs and research staff across the studies within the program project.
- Supervise and monitor project-associated research staff and undergraduate students. This may involve training and directing workload of students and appropriate staff personnel.
- Monitor project expenditures and provide oversight of ordering equipment and supplies.
- Assist project leadership, scientists, faculty and development staff with preparing and submitting grant proposals, progress reports, publications and presentations.
- Work with participants to facilitate travel arrangements and provide support to ensure study retention as needed.

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