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PVL # 228467

Position Summary:
Teach one section of Design Studies 623 in Spring semester, 2021. The combined lecture is scheduled from 12:05-12:55pm Mondays and Wednesdays with studio sections from either 9:55-11:45 am or 1:20-3:10pm Mondays and Wednesdays.

This course develops students' design knowledge and skills to an advanced level while engaging in all aspects of a project, from early conception to final execution. Students are required to produce a total design package for a restaurant project. Specific areas of focus include programming, space planning, interior detailing, materials selection, color application, lighting design, and acoustical design.

The course consists of one lecture to the entire class and two studio periods (one each for half of the students) per week. The lectures cover issues regarding hospitality design, design process, and related technical matters. The lecture material deals with the practical and technical aspects of restaurant design such as:
- Understanding the world of the client/project
- Programming
- Design Process
- Codes, especially accessibility, egress and fire resistance issues
- Lighting and Color practices in restaurants
- Materials and performance
- Use of new innovative materials
- Acoustics
- Construction and Detailing

Principal duties:
- Teach one section of DS 623, Interior Design 4
- Impart course content online or in a hybrid setting
- Oversee the grading of homework, projects, and exams
- Hold office hours
- Promote civility in the workplace

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