University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 228380

Position Summary:
Under the general supervision of the Sheetmetal Trade Superintendent, Maintenance Department, Physical Plant, this position provides roof and roof system maintenance for a wide range of campus facilities. Roof maintenance generally includes keeping the roof, roof drains, and roof gutters free of debris. In addition, the position will support the shop in roof and roof system repairs.
The University of Wisconsin Madison, Physical Plant, is committed to the highest standard of customer relation┬┐s principles for its customers, fellow staff members, students, and visitors. Staff will serve as role models by practicing exemplary behaviors when working with customers and fellow staff members.

Principal duties:
A. Perform Roof Maintenance 50%
- Remove debris and ensure proper operation of roofs, roof drains, and gutters.
- Remove snow and ice from roofs and foundations to prevent ice damning.
- Break icicles and barricade dangerous areas due to falling ice.

B. Assist Trades in Roof Maintenance/Repair, and Facilities Maintenance functions 50%
- Assist trades in roof and roof system maintenance and repair.
- Assist trades in other activities related to facilities maintenance and repair.

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