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PVL # 228273

Position Summary:
The College of Letters & Science Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) promotes the values of a liberal arts education and provides an enriching, inclusive community for L&S students who have been historically underrepresented in higher education, including first-generation and low-income students, and students of color. CAE provides academic advising, learning support, peer mentoring/tutoring, community-building events, the Summer Collegiate Experience program for incoming first-year students and access to other High Impact Practices, and graduate school and career preparation. The center also assists in campus-wide efforts to fully integrate diverse voices into the University community to facilitate a welcoming, responsive, and validating campus climate for students. The Academic Support Specialist is responsible for daily operations of the academic mentoring program and serves as academic advisor for CAE students.

Principal duties:
60% - Academic Mentoring (Tutoring)
-Conduct academic mentoring (i.e. peer tutoring) and peer learning (i.e. small group tutoring) observations, debrief with academic mentors (peer tutors), provide constructive feedback; summarize academic mentor case notes into weekly reports, collaborate with academic advisors and Academic Support Coordinator to support students using weekly data.
-Outreach to students and academic mentors on issues of recruitment, no shows, student-tutor conflicts.
-Coordinate CAE's academic mentoring online learning management system, engage academic mentors in virtual discussions, respond to posts, grade submissions, track professional development of each academic mentor within the course.
-Once peer learning groups are formed, provide support to lead academic mentors (i.e., lead tutors) during each semester, schedule and lead bi-monthly meetings, schedule rooms for peer learning sessions, serve as a general resource in difficult/challenging student situations.
-Create tutoring reports each semester, consult with academic mentoring staff at the end of each semester on implications from assessment, make suggestions for the program changes and implement as needed.
-Coordinate programming at the intersection of academic mentoring and first and second year student experience: study jams, request academic mentor events, student success sessions, etc.
-Engage academic mentors in community with each other, with peer mentors and CAE staff, organize mentor match groups by subject.
-Assist with outreach to CAE students and eligible L&S students about academic mentoring services, meet with students to process academic mentoring requests, help students with study skill strategies and in advancement towards their academic goals.
-Assist the Academic Support Coordinator with academic mentor training and other day-to-day activities of the academic mentoring program, as needed.

35% - Advising
-Maintain advising caseload of about 50 students each year; advise at Student Orientation Advising & Registration (SOAR) program each summer.
-Support outreach to underrepresented students in L&S who are not affiliated with CAE to market CAE services, connect students with CAE advising and academic mentoring, and recruit eligible students to join the CAE program.
-Participate in e-portfolio building, data analysis, provide feedback and contribute to the improvement of holistic advising.

5% - Other duties
-Assist with other CAE-level duties, as needed, e.g., assist with planning and participate in Graduation, orientations, Capstone, Welcome Back events, etc.
-Participate in campus-wide learning support and advising communities.

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