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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 228199

Position Summary:
Reporting to the Director of IT & Education Support this position will assist with the design, development, and enhancement of instructional activities, programs, and curricula for the Office of Engineering Professional Development (OEPD). As a member of the Learning Design & Technologies team, the individual will share responsibility for instructional technology production and development for courses and special projects. This includes both credit and non-credit professional development courses, certificates, and programs. The position will also assist with technology support and training for staff.

Principal duties:
-Assists with the design and development of engaging, effective, online learning experiences
- Completes initial edits, reviews, and updates of existing instructional materials
- Contributes to researching, designing, and acquiring learning resources, technologies, materials, and processes to support learning
- Assists with providing basic training and technical support to distance learners
- Provides consultation, training, and support for learning technology tools and platforms
- Analyzes, tests, troubleshoots, resolves issues, and provides feedback regarding learning technologies
- Provides support for collecting, organizing, interpreting, and disseminating data to identify instructional program needs and enhance effectiveness
- Assists with the design and development of multimedia learning materials
- Provides support for faculty development and engagement programs and activities
- Provides technical training and support for office staff
- Act as a facilitator in degree program Online Student Orientation course
- Manages office UW-Knowledgebase sites

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