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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 228135

Position Summary:
Kinjal Majumder's lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is searching for a new colleague to join our study of the biology of DNA viruses. There are three main projects in our lab. First, we wish to understand how infecting viral genomes localize to nuclear sites to establish viral replication centers. Second, we aim to understand how ongoing virus replication generates a localized DNA damage response. Third, we aim to understand how ongoing virus replication generates additional cellular DNA damage and genome instability. Overall, we are interested in the molecular mechanisms employed by the host and the virus to fight the war for cellular domination! Our research focuses on understanding the roles of both viral and host proteins involved in replication, epigenetic regulation and DNA damage signaling.

We want our new colleague to be a hard-working, independent thinker who loves experimental science, and seek candidates that embrace and augment our commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Principal duties:
50% Lab Management: ordering reagents, communicating with vendors, ensuring compliance with research protocols, day-to-day running of laboratory equipment and training new lab members as needed.

50% Experimental: grow and prepare virus stocks, maintain tissue culture cells, molecular cloning and validation of plasmid preps, preparation of common solutions, disposing laboratory waste.

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