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PVL # 228082

Position Summary:
Under close supervision, this position is responsible for the analysis of environmental and food samples for the purpose of monitoring low level radiation. These analyses utilize gamma spectrometers, liquid scintillation analyzers, gas flow proportional counters, and survey meters. Data reduction, record keeping, and quality assurance are integral parts of this position.
The employee in this position is expected to use the tools and principles of quality management in performing their daily work including the following: Demonstrate exceptional customer service by establishing and maintaining effective professional relationships with managers, supervisor, coworkers, and all customers; provide constructive feedback for the purpose of continuous improvement in a manner that is supportive of the WSLH and its mission; use data collection tools as appropriate; use effective team skills to contribute to the efficient operation of the work unit; present ideas, carry out assignments, and provide information as required; participate in continuous learning through professional development activities.

Principal duties:
65% Analyze samples submitted for environmental monitoring.

Analyze samples submitted without further preparation, as follows: a) Milk and water -- gamma isotope analysis. b) Iodine cartridges -- Iodine-131. c) Air filters -- gross alpha and beta, gamma scan monthly composites. Prepare samples and analyze as follows: a) Waters -- gross alpha and beta, tritium, radon, total strontium, total uranium, iodine-131 by ion exchange. b) Soil, vegetation, and silt --gross alpha and beta, gamma scan. c) Fish -- gamma scan. d) Milk -- Iodine-131 by ion exchange. e)
Swipes -- Tritium and carbon-14. Assist in the maintenance of equipment (preventative maintenance) and troubleshoot routine system failures and document problems. Provide back-up capabilities for the following methods: radium-226, radium- 228, and uranium by alpha spectroscopy. Assist in method development and sample analyses for grants under the direction
of the principle investigator or unit supervisor. Enter and maintain laboratory data in applicable computer systems according to established protocols.

15% Verify performance of analytical techniques used.

Assist in writing and maintaining standard operating procedures for all testing performed. Assist in creation of new forms, bench sheets, and other documents as needed. Prepare standards for calibration of instrument systems and internal quality control samples: a) Enter relevant data into the standards database and calculate activity. Participate in the analysis of samples supplied by external vendors for quality assurance programs, and display acceptable performance: a) Collate data from all analyses. b) Report data via Internet. c) Download preliminary results and distribute to other analysts. d) Assist in preparation of Corrective Action Reports as necessary.

5% Quality Assurance
Assist with Quality Control and Quality Assurance for the radiochemistry department. Help ensure SOPs are accurate and up to date, assist in routine instrument calibration in the laboratory such as pipettes, thermometers, other lab equipment. Assist with accreditation requirements for onsite evaluations, documentation needs, and applicable proficiency samples.

15% Perform records maintenance and miscellaneous duties.

Maintain records, relevant to sample log-in, results obtained and reported, materials inventory, and proper disposal of wastes:
a) Prepare and package radioactive materials for waste pick-up by UW Safety. b) Calculate activity of waste and complete waste forms. Perform other duties as required.

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