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PVL # 227722

Position Summary:
The Influenza Research Institute (IRI) is looking for a skilled Laboratory Facility Technical Specialist to join the IRI Operations Team, and to lead the research facilities component within the team. The IRI is a complex research facility in which studies of viral pathogens are conducted, and is subject to specific biosafety and biosecurity regulations. This individual works under the ultimate direction of the Principal Investigator to ensure that all programmatic elements are functioning in a safe and secure manner. With other Operations Team members, this position will provide technical guidance, training, and inspective/risk analysis of the laboratory safety program to ensure a safe environment in which to facilitate research.

Principal duties:
The role of this individual is to coordinate and oversee the technical aspects of the facility in close coordination with the Laboratory Operations Manager (LOM).
This individual along with other members of the Operations Team will document testing, training, and maintenance, and prepare mandated and informational reports as needed per regulations. The Laboratory Facility Technical Specialist must be prepared to provide such documentation to federal inspectors upon request and must be able to justify all written records to regulatory auditors (e.g., the CDC) in-person.
The Laboratory Facility Technical Specialist will interface with the Institute¿s facilities support staff and the UW campus¿ Engineering & Technical Services Team to lead formulation and implementation of short- and long-range goals for the operation of the facility; set priorities, project future needs, and plan the management of the facility maintenance and operations. In addition, they will develop and implement facility operational policies and standard operating procedures for maintenance, validation, contingency preparations, and the coordination of emergency facility response.
This position, in coordination with the LOM, will
*Coordinate contractor services, maintenance, and repair activities.
*Direct the support of specialized biocontainment machinery, including autoclaves, effluent decontamination systems, and filtration units.
*Assist researchers and laboratory personnel to solve technical operating problems and improve laboratory workflow.
*Advise on specialized technical procedures and equipment and maintain conformance with biocontainment safety protocols.
*Assist researchers to troubleshoot and resolve equipment issues and implement new technologies in the laboratories.
*Establish standard operating procedures for lab equipment, and schedule routine and preventative maintenance and calibration services.
*Assist LOM in an annual maintenance and validation period of approximately six weeks each winter, which requires coordination of multiple teams and participation in validation testing per BMBL 5th Edition guidelines.
*Advise investigators on containment facility design, safety equipment, decontamination, and disposal.
*Ensure compliance of laboratory safety equipment (e.g., fire extinguishers, eyewash stations, BSC certifications).
*Maintain and improve programs designed to monitor and control biohazards.
*With the support of campus services, review and research appropriate hazard controls, assist staff in the assessment of risk mitigation strategies, including engineering controls, administrative controls, safety or training material needs, and personal protective equipment. Support research staff in the implementation of these control strategies.
*In collaboration with the Operations Team, develop and improve incident response protocols and ensure adequate preparation for staff response to emergency situations.
*Together with the LOM assume a lead role in risk assessments, emergency response and immediate corrective actions in line with the UW Select Agent Program and Federal Select Agent Regulations.
*Perform other duties as assigned.

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