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PVL # 227634

Position Summary:
IRP is a center for interdisciplinary research into the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in the United States. It is the sole National Poverty Research Center sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is a complexly funded unit that oversees over $30 million in federal and non-federal grants and contracts annually.
This position works directly with principal investigators to carry out pre and post award research administrative functions related to sponsored grants, agreements, and award management (proposal preparation through closeout). This position is part of a team that works to provide high quality professional service to IRP staff Researchers and IRP affiliates from a wide variety of departments and disciplines. The position is responsible for following Federal, State, University, Graduate School, and College of Letters & Science policies and procedures, and serving as a key liaison to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP). The position will also work closely with affiliates and other IRP staff to develop project budgets, oversee applications, prepare financial and other reports to funders, manage the financial portfolio of IRP Staff Researchers and IRP affiliates and ensure accuracy in semester and summer pay plans and effort reporting.

Principal duties:
15% Guides and assists researchers with interpretation of policy and procedure related to overall sponsored project management

Review, analyze, and interpret Federal, State, and University policies and procedures, and inform principal investigators of new and changing developments.
Consult with and ensure that principal investigators and collaborators are in compliance with federal and non-federal policies and procedures, as well as applicable state and university policies and procedures.
Develop and maintain networks with the Graduate School, RSP, College of Letters and Sciences, and funding agencies for the purpose of interpreting grant terms, and ensuring compliance with University and/or funding agency policies and procedures.
Ensure sponsor guidelines and policies are followed and are clearly and concisely relayed to principal investigators. Address any principal investigator questions related to policy and policy changes.

40% Assists researchers by preparing non-technical materials for proposals, drafting contracts or agreements for review, and/or advising award setup (pre-award services)

Assist in preparing WISPER records for grant applications and route for electronic signature approvals.
Develop budgets and budget narratives/justifications in accordance with principal investigator needs, customizing formats in accordance with rules and regulations to prepare multi-year budgets, including a summary budget, for submission to extramural agencies. Ensure regulations such as applicable direct and indirect costs, subcontracts, travel, and fringe benefit rates are followed. Ensure agency/sponsor required forms are completed appropriately and in a timely manner, and that appropriate rules and regulations are followed.
Prepare or assist in preparing electronic proposals (e.g., via and route in a timely manner.
Evaluate and inform principal investigators of any cost sharing matching requirements for grant proposals and confirm documentation of formal commitments by the Graduate School or other University funds, and/or third-party providers. Update and submit any required cost share commitment update documents to campus
Develop current and pending support forms, and lists of current facilities, computing services, and other resources available for use in performance of the research proposed for grant proposals and contracts.

40% Assists researchers with preparing and/or maintaining documentation, financial management, and/or reporting requirements related to sponsored grants, contracts, or agreements (post-award services)

Facilitate the review, approval, and award of research contracts, data transfer agreements, and confidentiality agreements. Act as a liaison between IRP researchers, College of Letters and Sciences, RSP, and agencies/sponsors as needed.
Monitor initiation of transactions on new funding sources to ensure accuracy of contract and account set-up and development.
Review appropriateness of expenditures with budgets, agency/sponsor terms and conditions, applicable rules and regulations, and Federal, State, and University policies and procedures. Work with department, college, and campus contact to correct and resolve issues.
Monitor awards financials, reconcile budgets and produce timely financial forecasts for varying situations. Ensure principal investigators are aware of their budgets, and consult with and advise them regarding re-budgeting as needed. Work with L&S, RSP, and other campus units on negotiation of budget changes with funding agencies/sponsors. Prepare budget revision, no-cost extensions, and carry over requests as necessary.
Ensure that progress reports and final project reports to funding agencies are submitted in a timely manner.
Collaborate with affiliates, staff and RSP on grant close out activities.
Facilitate the effort certification process by accurately reflecting key personnel voluntary and paid effort commitments in budgets, justification statements and progress reports, and ensure WISPER records accurately reflect these commitments. Work with L&S, RSP, and campus effort coordinators when issues arise.
Monitor and update, as needed, cost sharing commitments.

5% Other duties as assigned

Identify funding opportunities and disseminate to principal investigators.
Provide expertise, support, and training to principal investigators, affiliates, staff, and students re: pre-application, application, and awards processing procedures.
Participate in professional development and training as needed.
Attend meetings at the campus and local level as applicable.
Contribute to maintenance of a positive and collaborative work environment.
Other duties as assigned.

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