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PVL # 227630

Position Summary:
UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention (UW-CTRI) and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center's (UWCCC) Cancer Cessation Initiative (C3I) Coordinating Center coordinate a project to rapidly collect, harmonize, analyze, and report on discrete EHR data elements of COVID patients. This COVID data project is working to determine the associations between a variety of variables including smoking history, cancer history, demographics, co-morbid medical conditions, laboratory data, and medications and adverse COVID outcomes including intubation and death. 21 health systems across the United States are participating and provide relevant de-indentified data to UW-CTRI on more than 170,000 COVID patients. Participating health systems will continue to update their data set with new COVID patients, providing monthly data updates through the end of 2020. The National Cancer Institute has supported this initiative as part of the C3I program.

A project administrator is needed to lead and manage the administrative efforts of the UW-CTRI/UWCCC COVID project, providing superior scientific and logistical project management and organization to the project.

This position will report directly to the UW-CTRI Center Director who leads the COVID project.

The School of Medicine and Public Health has a deep and profound commitment to diversity and inclusion, both as an end in itself but also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
(25%) Manage this large scale data collection, analysis, and publication project, coordinating University of Wisconsin staff as well as representatives of the 21 participating health systems.
- Create long- and short-term plans for data collection, analysis and paper publication.
- Delegate project tasks to team members or health systems best positioned to complete them.
- Monitor project tasks, milestones, deliverables, and budget.
- Communicate with all project stakeholders on project progress.
- Adjust schedules and targets on the project as needs or financing change
- Produce periodic reports, summary graphics or other communication for funders and others, including the media, on project progress, challenges, needs, etc.
- Present findings to scientific, public, and other audiences as directed
- Communicate quality control and improvement feedback to participating health systems.

(25%) Serve as a point of contact / main conduit with:
- Project leaders
- Project staff and work teams
- 21 health systems across the U.S.
- Medical Advisory Board
- Two health systems that develop the base extraction code
- EHR contractor
- Internal and External Communications

(25%) Facilitate publication process and production
- Develop and track research questions and the publications that answer those research questions
- Manage the process to ensure that coinvestigators and other investigators can submit proposals to ask and answer research questions including managing data analysis requests
- Oversee processes that ensure the data is mined maximally to answer research questions
- Oversee plans to make the data set publicly accessible
- Assist with outlining, drafting, writing, and editing manuscripts
- Oversee publication submission processes as requested
- As scientifically appropriate, serve as author on select publications

(15%) Research administration
- Assure that data transfer agreements are completed and followed.
- Monitor IRB compliance and other mandatory research practices.

(10%) Other Project Related Duties as Assigned

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