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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 227624

Position Summary:
This position provides general administrative and financial services support, under the general supervision of the Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) Health Policy Programs Director and in collaboration with the IRP Administrative Team. The duties generally support schedule management; financial, hiring, and contracting processes; office procedures; record keeping systems and purchasing mechanisms. The work requires independent workload and task management, attention to detail, accuracy, and the ability to work with a wide variety of individuals both internally within IRP and the UW, and externally with state agencies, sponsors, subawardees, and contractors.

Principal duties:
30% Implement and execute established policies and procedures to advance unit objectives for schedule management, budget, finance, procurement, and human resources.

Schedule and manage team, committee, workgroup, and other meetings
Support hiring and onboarding of new team members and graduate students
Process transactions and assign funding codes
Reconcile purchase documents with payments, monthly reconciliation of grant funding accounts, and process necessary cost transfers
Assemble and manage records in WISPER/WISDM/WISER/ACCT

25% Schedule logistics and secure resources to contribute to the day-to-day operational success

Arrange for purchase of data, memberships, travel expenses, subawards, vendor and consulting services, and other items, working with the UW Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (RSP), contracting and procurement system, and/or with the IRP Procurement Card holder

25% Compile data, monitoring reports, and appropriate recommendations or conclusions in support of the unit budget, finance, procurement, and human resources

Organize and update fiscal records, reports, and affiliated materials pertaining to grant/contract administration, purchasing, travel reimbursement

5% Assist, recommend, and advise staff on unit or program administrative issues, including schedule management, budget, finance, procurement, and human resources

5% Attends meetings and participates in committees and workgroups, representing the interests of the unit.

10% Other duties as necessary and as assigned by supervisor

Enter and manipulate data in Excel and online UW portals
Prepare documents and manuscripts, including compilation of citations
Search for and retrieve documents and files electronically/via internet

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