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PVL # 227589

Position Summary:
The dynamic Scientific Protocol Implementation (SPI) Unit, within the Animal Services Division at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC) provides consistent, reliable research support and collaboration for scientific investigators that utilize WNPRC resources. Within the SPI unit, the Sample Courier's primary responsibility is to reliably receive and deliver research materials. The Sample Courier fills an essential role in the SPI Unit that guarantees the timely, effective completion of research projects. A strong ability to communicate with many people across several scientific disciplines is necessary. This position creates a weekly schedule of delivery needs and must also remain flexible when research needs shift. Establishment of priorities through continual communication with research staff will guarantee success for this role. As time permits, this position may also provide assistance with general administrative tasks in the greater Animal Services Division.

Principal duties:
Primary job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
55% Transport and ship biological materials
-Schedule, coordinate, transport, and pick-up of blood and other biological samples to/from multiple on and off-campus facilities based on the research schedule developed by the WNPRC Scientific Protocol Implementation (SPI) Unit; coordinate with SPI, Pathology Services, and other WNPRC Animal Services units, and units in WNPRC Research Services to ensure deliveries are received and signed for by appropriate personnel.
-Assist SPI research specialists with packaging blood and biological samples for shipment.

25% Laboratory assistance
-Prepare doses of antiretroviral drug and other solutions for administration and other general solutions used for procedures.
-Prepare and label vials or tissue containers for the collection of biological samples as directed by SPI research specialists.
-Inventory, stock, and organize supplies in SPI offices, laboratory and animal procedure areas; check for expired drugs or blood tubes on a monthly basis, reporting drug order needs to Veterinary Services.
-Maintain inventory for the SPI-designated -80C freezer.

10% Cleaning and maintenance
-Check and disinfect all SPI biological transport coolers on a weekly basis.
-Check fuel gauges on all WNPRC vehicles to ensure gas levels are adequate; drive vehicles to UW Fleet Services or other UW-Madison locations to refuel as needed. Provide general upkeep of the vehicles to include regular disinfecting, sweeping, vacuuming, removing trash, etc.
-Defrost SPI designated -80C freezer when requested.
-Maintain and clean general equipment.

10% Miscellaneous duties as assigned
-Perform data entry for any WNPRC Animal Services unit as needed.
-Delivery mail, personal protective equipment (PPE), supplies, and other non-sample requests for all WNPRC units as schedule permits.
-Perform other duties as needed by Animal Services Division and as assigned by supervisor.

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