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PVL # 227585

Position Summary:
This administrative management position is expected to provide operational oversight and program direction for The Midwest Center for Cryo-Electron Tomography (MCCET) and the Cryo-EM Research Center (CEMRC) at the University of Wisconsin Department of Biochemistry. This project is funded by the University, the Department of Biochemistry, and a federal grant awarded to the Principal Investigator (PI) from the National Institute of Health (NIH). The main aim of the research centers is to support investigators by providing access to well-trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment for (1) routine and advanced cryo-EM/cryo-ET specimen preparation, data collection, and computation; and (2) hands-on, remote, and virtual training in cryo-EM/cryo-ET specimen preparation, data collection, and data processing and validation. This position coordinates, oversees, and manages budgets and expenditures. This position will supervise and support research center personnel, research center users, and also work towards developing lab infrastructure for onboarding and training protocols. The position will also coordinate with UW-Madison finance, procurement, and grants management personnel; other national cryo-ET centers; and NIH and other extramural funding agency program officials.

Principal duties:
Manage the research programs of the Cryo-EM Research Center (CEMRC; and The Midwest Center for Cryo-Electron Tomography (MCCET).

-Serve as the site administrator for project database software. This includes ensuring that MCCET and CEMRC users' scientific abstracts are complete and appropriate. In addition, the site administrator manages the MCCET and CEMRC scheduling and aids users in registering as MCCET or CEMRC users.

-Independently plan and coordinate informational meetings and workshops in support of development of funding for research and dissemination of MCCET or CEMRC research and expertise. Examples include: the MCCET and CEMRC External and Internal Advisory Committee meetings, meetings of the cryo-ET network and NIH staff, and MCCET and CEMRC workshops.

-Interact with new and current MCCET or CEMRC users and collaborators to steer their scientific projects to the proper staff members and coordinate matters connected with their data collection activities and billing services.

-Maintain the MCCET and CEMRC websites and provide users with current scientific and laboratory related information.

-Develop technical, scientific research proposals for CEMRC or MCCET including the initiation and cultivation of partnerships (campus, national, and international) which result in funding support for research.

-Provide training and advice to faculty & academic staff in regard to developing grant and contract proposals & budgets. Write administrative and resource sharing components, budget justifications, and description of technical resources and the science of the environment. Using educational resources and experience, develop strategies to fund research by identifying funding opportunities and matching to appropriate research.

-Provide information and interpretation of grant compliance regulations to faculty & academic staff; ensure compliance with federal, state, and University regulations.

-Develop contracts with funding agencies, negotiate changes in award documents, resolve questions and problems, and act as liaison with the regulatory offices involved.

-Write progress and final reports, that are sent by the PIs to the funding agencies, interpret agency guidelines and compile information for technical scientific reports.

-Manage post-award expenditures to ensure compliance with funding agency guidelines.

-Attend the yearly meetings of the NIH cryo-EM common fund initiative and the cryo-ET network.

-Maintain inventories of equipment and supplies for the CEMRC and MCCET (e.g. EM grids, liquid nitrogen, EM reagents).

-Maintain the laboratory reference database.

-Maintain records on equipment warranties, maintenance agreements, material transfer agreements, parts lists, software agreements, and laboratory safety.

-Oversee the certification of projects and researchers with respect to biohazards, lab safety, and proper disposal of wastes.

-Ensure compliance with federal, state, funding agency, and University regulations. Develop training plans for new researchers to educate them on University and departmental protocols.

-Develop and maintain the CEMRC and MCCET websites.

Other duties as needed (5%)

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