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PVL # 227317

Position Summary:
The Undergraduate Academic Advisor serves as the primary advising contact for English majors, while working closely with English department faculty and administrators. The Undergraduate Academic Advisor must create a welcoming environment for students seeking advising services; perform services for curriculum and curricular policy; plan undergraduate events.

Principal duties:
40% Advising of undergraduate English majors.
Advise undergraduates, particularly majors and honors candidates, as to departmental, college and university requirements. Interpret university rules and regulations for students. Provide students appropriate resources and referrals. Assist students in finding and participating in independent studies, joint majors, certificate programs, thesis projects, and honors programs. Advise students about the process of post-secondary application. Inform and assist students with study abroad opportunities. Develop opportunities for and facilitate student participation in honors, undergraduate research, and scholarship opportunities. Maintain advising records.

25% Student services
Evaluate transfer credits, certify course substitutions, approve/evaluate exemptions to major requirements. Evaluate study abroad course equivalencies. Maintain accuracy of DARS for the English major. Update undergraduate section of The Guide and utilize other University applications for information and reporting. Coordinate the annual scholarship competition. Provide information and advice to Career advising and advising of Health and Humanities certificate. Communicate with undergraduate majors through appropriate media

15% Event Planning and Coordination:
Participate in events that help promote the English major. Plan annual undergraduate English Dept scholarship reception. Plan annual English Department Commencement program and reception in consultation with Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, and Board of Visitors. Initiate and develop events designed to assist students in career determinations, including graduate and professional training, teaching certification programs, and employment search and placement plans. Support student-led clubs

10% Curriculum and curricular policy:
Assess current demands, monitor past practices, meet demands of the major and college, make curriculum recommendations. Be source for information to faculty and staff of the department on enrollment policies and procedures. Communicate and collaborate with advisors in academic programs to ensure that transfer students have access to timely and accurate information to inform their academic decisions.

10% Administration and other:
Oversee the undergraduate office in areas of undergraduate student services, information and advising. Maintain the accuracy and usefulness of the undergraduate section of the departmental website. Serve on English Department. College, and campus committees. Serve as a liaison with other university offices and committees. Work with career advisor collaborating on career and extracurricular involvement programming for students. Participate in appropriate training and professional development. Other duties as assigned

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