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PVL # 227316

Position Summary:
This position requires extensive technical knowledge and skill, independence of action, and cooperative team effort to meet the operational/ instructional needs of the Critical Care Unit and Emergency Services of UW Veterinary Care (UWVC) hospital. Position responsibilities require the individual to demonstrate initiative and the ability to make independent discretionary judgments that can affect the quality/outcome of animal life. Requires the ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs. independently and physical and manual dexterity to perform specialized technical tasks. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

1) Oversees and assures that high quality nursing care is administered and maintained in the primary care of animal patients.
2) Participates in instruction of veterinary students and training of veterinary technicians.
3) Monitors veterinary student participation in daily receiving schedules, initiates changes and lends assistance when needed.
4) Assists supervisor in problem solving activities and administrative tasks.
5) Participates and understands the importance of working as a team member within the hospital structure (i.e. communication with supervisors and faculty for enhancing productivity and quality patient care).
6) Demonstrates good interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate proposed ideas and solutions.

Principal duties:
35% - Independently oversees and/or directs professional veterinary students and new technical staff in patient care responsibilities. Proficiently performs technical and nursing skills as needed.
- Demonstrates and provides instruction in medical nursing skills, techniques, procedures (e.g. abdominocentesis, catheter placement).
- Restrains varied domestic, exotic wildlife species.
- Administers and prepares prescribed medications.
- Monitors and records all necessary patient data for concise, accurate medical records.
- Initiates and oversees nursing needs of patients; frequently observes animals under care, records and reports to clinician/supervisor any animals displaying abnormal or concerning behavior.
- Responsible for providing assistance to clinical faculty during procedures and in primary care.
- Provides assistance and instruction in area of specialization to include: a) prepares and sets up for procedure, checking equipment prior to use; b) initiates and assists in any necessary patient preparation; c) monitors procedural techniques for aseptic breaks and concerns; d) is available for retrieval of supplies during procedure; e) follows through with cleaning and maintenance of equipment, ensuring proper usage and care; f) cleans area after procedure and replenishes supplies; and g) possesses skill in CPR techniques.
- Administer sedation, anesthetic induction and maintenance agents. Continuously monitors patient vitals during anesthesia and alerts clinician of potential problems or signs of distress.

20% - Responsible for participating in special projects, area problem solving activities and administrative tasks.
- Formulates written procedures, protocol and informational materials.
- Investigates new ideas and suggested solutions.
- Demonstrates initiative and follow through with area responsibilities; ensures high quality work standard and general hospital cleanliness is maintained.
- Demonstrates effective use of communication skills to address and resolve area problems (with peers, students, faculty, and administration).
- Compiles area log data in useful format for legal reference; oversees area inventory data and records.
- Monitors use and initiates proper billing of supplies.
- Stresses and ensures proper accounting of supplies within UWVC; recommends ideas to reduce costs and maintain security of supplies.
- Participates in procedural cost analyses and fee revisions.

15% - Contributes to the instructional needs of the teaching hospital.
- Directs veterinary students and technical trainees in daily, anticipated work flow in area.
- Conducts and participates in verbal orientation of area students at rotation changes.
- Exhibits effective use of technical and organizational skills in instruction.
- Reinforces guidelines or protocol established for area with veterinary students, faculty, and staff (i.e. dress code, isolation guidelines, patient care protocol and techniques).
- Provides feedback for veterinary student evaluations.
- Effectively copes with unanticipated problems and suggesting methods of correction or prevention.

15% - Responsible for overseeing/initiating after-hours responsibilities in UWVC.
- Provides UWVC with after-hours emergency telephone answering service.
- Is knowledgeable about isolation protocol/procedures.
- Oversees UWVC after-hours security protocol is maintained (i.e. key policy and building access).
- Is familiar with Pharmacy area and provides assistance with after-hours requests.
- Provides after-hours assistance with the Canine and feline blood donor programs.
- Provides triage and emergent care to incoming patients of the Emergency Service.

10% - Responsible for equipment maintenance, repair and ordering and review of facility maintenance needs in area.
- Initiates requisitions, RMI's and investigates new equipment background information prior to submitting requests.
- Performs troubleshooting tasks and needed repairs on instruments, machines and equipment in area.
- Notifies clinician or supervisor of needed repairs, equipment failures, and safety hazards; initiates inquiries and service appointments for repairs.
- Ensures adherence to proper maintenance schedules and procedures by maintaining check and balance system; oversees daily cleaning and care of equipment in the area.
- Establishes needed service contracts and participates in reviews of contract renewals and changes for equipment in the area.
- Recommends ideas to reduce costs and maintain security of equipment.
- Reviews and assists in prioritizing needed maintenance, safety and remodeling requests for area; submits requests and follows through to resolve facility maintenance problems.

5% - Participates in technical and support duties as assigned:
- In all areas of UWVC in both animal contact and non-animal related duties (e.g. Medical Records,
- Reception area, Central Supply, Pharmacy, Clinical Pathology).
- Teaching and research laboratories (to include assisting and organization responsibilities).
- Provides flex assistance in alternative technical area rotations (possess basic skill proficiency in other areas).
- Working flexible, on-call hours and variable shifts, which may include weekends and/or holidays.

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