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PVL # 227256

Position Summary:
Contributes to a research agenda set by a lead researcher by preparing and managing data sets, conducting analyses using data science techniques, and presenting the results.

This position supports the Medicaid Evaluation, Research, and Technical Assistance (MERTA) activities within the Institute for Research on Poverty. MERTA includes multidisciplinary projects assessing changes in health insurance enrollment, design, access, and health care use, along with various health service delivery and system interventions. The principal responsibility in this position will be to conduct data programming, data management, and analytic tasks using data from Medicaid program enrollment and health care claims, and link the data to other datasets. The incumbent will work with a dynamic team, with investigators across UW in social sciences, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, business, social work, collaborating faculty at other universities, and data professionals at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Principal duties:
45% Prepare data sets for analysis including extraction, cleaning, transformation, restructuring, loading into analytic files

20% Independently manage, curate, document, and harmonize multiple datasets and databases, allowing integration and linkages across a range of data sources (Medicaid claims and enrollment, Unemployment Insurance, Vital Statistics, U.S. Census data, other). Monitor data acquisition and conversion and conduct research data quality control checks.

15% Identify and implement appropriate data science techniques, under the guidance of the project investigator(s), other data scientists, statisticians, and/or other researchers; Prepare basic statistical reports and assist with preliminary data analysis.

10% Document process and programming code, in a user-friendly, comprehensive, and cross-referenced format, so as to be independently understandable and reproducible.

5% Develop standard workflows and compose reports to clearly articulate task and workload management approaches to researchers and/or administrators.

5% Train and collaborates with graduate students and other staff in data, documentation, and procedures.

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