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PVL # 227169

Position Summary:
Leads and develops strategic initiatives, provides policy direction, and manages HR functions and staff at the institutional level to best support organizational human resources to attract, hire, engage, and retain talent (complete employee life cycle). Acts on behalf of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) leading and representing the organization in the CHRO's absence or as requested. Primary responsibilities include leading, providing policy direction, and managing the Talent Management unit. This unit includes Cultural Linguistic Services; Employee Equity, Inclusion, Well-being and Engagement; HR Communities of Practice; Learning and Talent Development; Talent Acquisition and Performance Management; and Employment/Workforce Relations.

UW-Madison has more than 22,000 faculty and staff located in 32 colleges, schools, and divisions. Employees work in a wide variety of occupations. This is a key leadership position that supports the human resource programs that allow the university to attract, hire, engage and retain talent.

The Director reports to the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Principal duties:
Determines strategic direction and leads daily operations of multiple institution-focused human resources functional units to achieve objectives in alignment with the strategic initiatives of the Office of Human Resources, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration Office, and UW-Madison.
- Provide leadership, policy direction and management of Talent Management unit.
- Provide direction, both strategic and day-to-day, to Talent Management unit staff to ensure programs function properly; identify organizational strategy and priorities and transform into short- and long- term objectives.
- Manage Talent Management unit to ensure accurate, timely and effective services are provided to campus employees.
- Provide problem solving and positive solutions by working with staff and division representatives on the most complex and difficult issues.
- Understand organizational issues and priorities to make informed decisions in the Talent Management unit.
- Provide strong and effective leadership, coaching and mentoring to ensure that work unit is high-performing and achieves its mission.
- Manage effectively through open and transparent communication, effective performance management practices, work-plans, check-ins and team building.
- Promote civility within the workplace and ensure employees within the unit embrace differences in perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures. Models a commitment to respect, equity, diversity and workplace civility.
- Provide a high level of internal and external customer service, including deliverables provided to UW-Madison divisions, departments, and employees.
- Identify and monitor trends and results. Regularly report on outcomes aligned with UW-Madison objectives and goals.

Develops, interprets and implements institutional policies and procedures in partnership with institutional leaders
- Develop and interpret policies and procedures in collaboration with unit managers in OHR, UW leadership, UW System Administration, and UW Shared Services.
- Guide staff in the interpretation and administration of the various policies, regulations and directives established by UW-Madison governance, UW-Madison HR, and UW System.
- Ensure compliance with federal and state laws and alignment with university strategies and direction.
- Represent OHR on policy groups regarding: recruitment; hiring; performance management; equity; inclusion, diversity and employee engagement; learning and professional development including communities of practice; employment relations; and issues related to working in a multilingual, multi-shift work environment.
- Present policy changes, technology improvements, problem issues, etc. at various campus meetings.
- Work with communications office and web designer to ensure Talent Management unit policies and procedures are updated and shared on the website reflecting current policies and strategies for campus community.

Serves as subject matter expert and advisor to institutional leadership, disseminating best practices and providing updates on human resource objectives and initiatives.
- Stay abreast of changes, modifications, and vendor contract issues related to applicant management and performance management systems, employee inclusion and engagement survey systems, improvements/upgrades, new laws, regulations, policies and business process changes.
- Serve as the primary contact for the Talent Management unit when interacting with other university or outside stakeholders.
- Collaborate, communicate, serve as liaison and advise on system and campus initiatives, special projects and training.
- Consult with and recommend strategies in the operational program areas to campus leadership.
- Partner with OHR technology specialists, OHR Community of Practice, and UW Shared Services staff to provide best business practices and training to campus partners.
- Consult with campus governance bodies regarding policies and procedures pertaining to Talent Management issues.

Manage and audits unit budgets
- Manage budgets and forecasting activities and meeting deadlines for annual planning and budgeting processes.
- Anticipates and responds to changes in budget activities.

Exercises supervisory authority, including hiring, transferring, suspending, promoting, managing conduct and performance, discharging, assigning, rewarding, disciplining, and/or approving hours worked of at least 2.0 FTE or equivalent employees.
- Provide leadership in creating and supporting hiring, staffing, onboarding and performance management processes that attract and retain a diverse workforce within the office.
- Provide leadership in the full scope of HR practices.

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