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PVL # 226772

Position Summary:
This position serves as the Health Services and Care Research (HSCR) Administrator in the Division of Geriatrics, within the UW School of Medicine & Public Health (SMPH). The Health Services and Care Research Administrator will report to the HSCR Program Director and work closely with the Geriatrics Division Administrator, Executive Administrator for the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC), and other PIs involved in collaborative health services research within the University of Wisconsin-Madison and across academic institutions. The Administrator will be responsible for the overall research portfolio across multiple large and institutional diverse grants, including the Core H Care Research Core within the ADRC, as well as the administrative operations of the overall HSCR Program enterprise in Geriatrics. This includes overseeing multiple grant operations, Medicare CMS data acquisitions, management and development of administrative and research staff, coordinating the HSCR consortium, and managing the execution of grant outcomes.

The HSCR Program has several million dollars in NIH funding for models of care, national-level data sources of health systems, geospatial analytics, and implementation/dissemination of research. The Administrator will be tasked with oversight of all related studies, informatics, research grant collaborations, etc., to ensure consistency across the program and work with all collaborators to bolster the success of the program.

The School of Medicine and Public Health and the HSCR Program have a deep and profound commitment to diversity and inclusion, both as an end in itself but also as a valuable means for eliminating health disparities. As such, we strongly encourage applications from candidates who foster and promote the values of diversity and inclusion.

Principal duties:
Research Oversight (45%):
- Direct the daily research operations of the Health Services and Care Research Program, which will include direct supervision of the ADRC Dementia Care Research Core Program Manager and other research staff, as well as interaction with scientific and technical staff members. Collaborate with the PI to build and maintain a positive team environment within the research program.
- Initiate research protocols by working with the PI to discuss practical aspects of research questions and study design that will allow the research question to be answered.
- In collaboration with PI, operationalize grant proposals into research protocols and IRB applications. Oversee IRB approval, continuing review, protocol change, and post-approval monitoring processes. Oversee the preparation of research protocols and applications submission to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Clinical and Translational Research Core (CTRC) by research staff.
- Supervise research staff in developing and managing study procedures/risks, study timelines/visit windows, and data and safety monitoring procedures, and incorporating these into research protocols, consent forms and IRB applications.
- Understand/interpret complex research protocols related to aging. Ensure studies adhere to appropriate laws, including state, federal, and university regulations that manage research to protect human subjects.
- Ensure timely and accurate reporting to sponsors of research studies, including annual progress reports and other required reporting.
- Collaborate with Principal Investigator, faculty collaborators, Division of Geriatrics Administrator and Grants Manager to prepare and submit new and competing grant applications.
- Oversee the activities and outcomes from the Core H Care Research Core within the ADRC.
- Oversee and support all activities required for HSCR administrative data acquisition and maintenance, including US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (ie., CMS data).
- Oversee implementation of research protocols, including developing and monitoring systems to ensure high-quality, HIPAA-compliant data collection and analysis systems and activities.
- Ensure studies are conducted in adherence to appropriate laws, including state, federal, and university regulations that manage research to protect human subjects. Serve as the liaison regarding research related issues to various university/college/departmental offices as well as local, state,and federal research entities. Obtain information from sponsors, PI, coordinator, independent experts, etc. to respond to reviews from regulatory institutions.
- Manage complex administrative, compliance, and contracting functions with external partners at other academic institutions and government organizations to support research collaborations.

Administration (45%):
- Coordinate and lead HSCR consortium communications and meetings. Set agendas, approve minutes, and invite attendees and guests.
- Oversee administrative infrastructure for Health Services Research and Care Program, including (1) working with department, school, and campus level personnel to manage and monitor data management plan and information technology infrastructure to support research program; (2) developing, implementing, monitoring and updating policies and procedures to ensure program and project compliance with institutional and governmental regulations and contracts, including data use agreements.; (3) training research staff and collaborators on policy implementation and monitor adherence; and (4) overseeing resource request, fulfillment, and utilization process.
- Manage fiscal and physical resource allocation for the Health Services and Care Research program, including overseeing all budgetary/fiscal processes, space, program reporting, and purchasing. Working with HSCR Director, develop mechanisms and operational models to support long-term program sustainability.
- Engage in strategic planning with HSCR Director, Executive Committee members, and other management team members on program growth and development; support plan implementation through resource procurement and management.
- Lead efforts to develop opportunities for additional funding through other federal grant and other sources.
- In collaboration with HSCR Director, identify program personnel needs, including developing PVLs for newly created positions. Manage program HR functions, including recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising staff.

Other (10%):
- Other duties as assigned by the HSCR Director. Position will also work closely with administrative leadership within the Division of Geriatrics.

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