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PVL # 226520

Position Summary:
The Extension Specialist Veteran Reentry Support Specialist position assists in serving the people and communities of Wisconsin by addressing local, statewide and national issues, improving lives through research-based education, fostering partnerships and action, and facilitating positive impacts.

This part-time terminal position is a part of the Youth, Family and Community Development - Extension Institute for Human Development and Relationships, under the supervision of the Extension Human Development and Relationships Educator in Pepin and Buffalo Counties, to accomplish specific projects and is funded through an Extension Innovation Grant.

This position reports directly to the Dunn County Veterans Service Office Director for daily accountability and the Human Development and Relationships Educator in Pepin and Buffalo Counties for overall project accountability.

Principal duties:
Programming (50%)
1. Utilize knowledge of local communities and partners to identify needs and deliver relevant programming;
2. Access, assist in the development and adapting of culturally-relevant, research-based educational programming to meet identified needs and opportunities;
3. Expand access by reaching and engaging diverse audiences and ensuring full access to programs, facilities, and educational services;
4. Contribute to a plan that identifies local audiences, development of programming to meet their needs, connects to larger program objectives of the Division of Extension and the HDRI INSTITUTE, and assesses programming effectiveness; and
5. Assist with evaluating and reporting on programming, by utilizing established tools and processes to inform future program design, improve effectiveness and demonstrate value.

Collaboration & Relationships (25%)
1. Collaborate with partners and audiences relevant to specific project;
2. Develop and maintain respectful working relationships; and
3. Develop and/or support partnerships and community coalitions/groups that extend programmatic reach and expand impact.

Administrative & Programmatic Accountability (25%)
1. Communicates plans, activities, and achievements to supervisors and relevant stakeholders; and
2. Assist in ensuring that programs serve and reach audiences reflective of the diversity of the state.

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