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PVL # 225491

Position Summary:
Under the general supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor, this position is responsible for assisting in the operations, maintenance and repairs for a set of buildings that are a part of University Housing Residence Halls, including the repairing and maintaining mechanical systems and equipment including, as well as, various electrical, minor plumbing and carpentry repairs. In addition to repairs, this position is expected to perform scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance actions on vehicles and equipment. This position is a member of the Residence Hall Facilities Maintenance team and is expected to work with and learn from others on the team.

Principal duties:
The Division of University Housing is committed to providing an exceptional workplace for its workforce of approximately 450 career staff members and over 1,500 students. University Housing provides a work environment that is focused on customer service and a commitment to students. Employee engagement and professional development are also priorities. University Housing operates nineteen residence halls across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, providing a home to over 8,000 undergraduate students. We also operate three apartment communities, serving about 3,000 graduate students, academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and their families. In addition, we manage seven dining venues across campus, and provide conference group and youth camp housing throughout the summer months.

University Housing is divided into five main departments: Administration, Dining & Culinary Services, Residence Hall Facilities, Residence Life, and University Apartments. Whether we're launching new academic support services, testing out a new recipe, renovating resident rooms, organizing welcome events, cleaning our facilities, or inviting a new summer youth camp to campus, everything that we do is to support the mission of the University and fulfill University Housing's goal to be, "The place everyone wants to live."

University Residence Halls is part of the Division of University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a student service organization, University Residence Halls provide quality living/learning environments and programs to approximately 7,400 undergraduate student residents. Residence Hall Facilities is a subsection of the University Residence Halls that focuses on housekeeping, mechanical maintenance, and long term infrastructure projects and planning.

University Residence Halls consists of 30 buildings containing approximately 2 million square feet and 37 acres of surrounding grounds. In addition to residential living spaces the residence hall infrastructure supports many functions and programs requiring many types of spaces such as classrooms, office space, dining and culinary space including commercial kitchens and marketplace areas, mechanical support spaces, and large meeting rooms.

Residence Hall Facilities is committed to demonstrating our Division of University Housing Core Values: Care in how we approach people and our work; Creativity in solving problems; Integrity in our interactions with staff and customers; Optimism, focusing on opportunities and positive outcomes; Respect for the differences, strengths, and potential in people; Stewardship of human, financial and natural resources; and Excellence in customer satisfaction and communication.

University Housing is an essential services provider and all University Housing employees are part of this commitment to our residents and guests. University Housing is unique from many other state agencies and university departments because we cannot close as our services must be maintained at all times.

45%, Goal A - Provide assistance needed to complete general repair work and installations resulting from job orders,
supervisor's instructions or items needing attention as observed during inspection rounds.

A1. Perform necessary repairs to housekeeping equipment and student vacuums not covered by vendor service agreements.
A2. Repair, maintain, adjust or replace malfunctioning components of electrically operated building fire alarm devices such as smoke detectors and heat detectors.
A3. Repair, maintain, adjust or replace malfunctioning components of electrically operated building/resident room fixtures, switches, receptacles, ballasts and etc.
A4. Repair, maintain, adjust or replace malfunctioning components of laundry equipment.
A5. Perform minor floor and ceiling tile, and grout repairs, replace and install vinyl base.
A6. Repair door lock/door latching hardware, door closures, hinges, door-pulls, etc.
A7. Minor repair on windows, screens, doors, cabinets, dressers, tables, bookshelves and etc. as requested. Installation and replacement of bulletin boards, dry erase boards and mirrors.
A8. Repair, maintain, adjust or replace malfunctioning components in doors, windows and screens, locks, latches, drapery rods and drawer cords, floor tile, door closures, etc.
A9. Perform and guide student crew in installation, removal and maintenance of window air conditioners, including cleaning of window air conditioners
A10. Assist with the installation and repair of bike racks.
A11. Perform scheduled and unscheduled preventative maintenance actions on buildings mechanicals, vehicles and equipment.

20%, Goal B - Independently and/or under the guidance of HVAC spec Adv, perform various HVAC, plumbing repairs and preventative maintenance.

B1. Assist in the performance of the manufacturers recommended and/or department established inspection and preventative maintenance on building HVAC equipment.
B2. Assist in identifying and attending to building seasonal needs including indoor air quality, freeze coil protection and heating/cooling change overs.
B3. Assist in the Repair, maintenance, adjustment or replacement of malfunctioning components in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment (i.e. pumps, motors, exhaust fans, valves, steam traps, air handling systems, ice machines.
B4. Replace air filters and clean coils in air handlers, fan coil units and window air conditioners.
B5. Maintain and adjust malfunctioning plumbing components such as fittings, valves, pipes, drains and plumbing equipment/fixtures which can be isolated by a shutoff valve.
B6. The repair and/or replacement of toilet seats, tanks, and ballcock assemblies, flush valves and removal of accumulations in waste pipes/traps (this does not include the removal or installation of traps in urinals and toilets).
B7. The repair and or replacement of shower heads, valves, drain covers, drain stop assemblies and removal of accumulations in waste pipes/traps.
B8. Periodic recharge of water softeners as needed along with proper maintenance of salt brine in tanks.

15%, Goal C - Ensure University Housing Residence Halls are a safe, secure and a healthy place for students, guest and employees.

C1. Follow all safety procedures.
C2. Keep workshop and utility/mechanical rooms clean and in order.
C3. Attend required health and safety trainings and stay up-to-date on required safety trainings.
C4. Report needed equipment or building repairs promptly.
C5. Report security violations and or suspicious activity promptly.
C6. Maintain integrity of issued keys and equipment.
C7. Lock or unlock building doors following an established schedule or specific instructions.
C8. Report and address any hazardous situations immediately.
C9. Assist in regularly scheduled fire drills

10%, Goal D - Snow Removal, maintain vehicles and snow equipment, and other duties as assigned.

D1. Maintain and repair or facilitate repairs of snow removal equipment, including plow trucks, bobcat and snow blowers throughout University Housing, to ensure that equipment is ready for use on short notice. Provide recommendations for additional or replacement equipment as needed.
D2. Safely operate snow removal equipment.
D3. Provide routine maintenance inspections of all University Housing vehicles, visual checks, fluid inspections and monthly mileage reports as required. Schedule and provide logistics to
accommodate repairs and maintenance as needed with Physical Plant Garage or outside vendors.
D4. Perform minor repairs on vehicles.
D5. Perform any other duties as assigned.

10%, Goal E - Maintain records, including documenting work in electronic work order database.

E1. Using the TMA CMMS (electronic work order) program, document preventative maintenance and service work performed.
E2. Serve as first point of contact on building mechanical needs including communicate, receive and prioritize work orders.
E3. Make same day contact on all conference guest work requests.
E4. Complete work orders in 48 hours or contact requester providing timeline of repairs and/or status information.
E5. Respond to emergency calls as needed.
E6. Maintain records and make reports as needed.
E7. Maintain accurate inventory of parts and initiate reordering process.

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