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PVL # 225393

Position Summary:
This position will be responsible for providing care to patients in the Intermediate Care Ward (ICW) of the UW Veterinary Care hospital (UWVC). This position will work with various domestic and occasional exotic/special species. Employees will help with other departments at UWVC depending on operational needs.

The ICW is slated to open on November 1, 2020.

Principal duties:
Principal duties:
- Prepares, completes, monitors, and documents technical animal care procedures and work unit activities, assessments, and medication administration according to established care plans and medical necessity
- Develops recordkeeping processes, maintains organization of and updates records related to medical procedures and billing
- Tracks supply inventory levels and places replenishment orders
- Serves as a point of contact for animal owners and stakeholders providing information and answering questions
- Assists in the facilitation of trainings of Veterinary Technician Assistants and helps student employees as needed
- Monitors animal health status and records, provides nursing care, notifies Veterinarian when status changes, and records in the medical record
- Monitors vital signs: heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure, mucous membrane color, capillary refill time and temperature as directed.
- Places and maintains intravascular and urinary catheters. Places and maintains NG/NE tubes.
- Assures patient comfort and cleanliness.
- Assures quality patient care in the ICW.
- Assist CVTs in ER/CCU

Preferred knowledge and skills:
1. Knowledge of standards for quality animal nursing care and proper procedures associated with small animal patients.
2. Knowledge of and ability to maintain and operate equipment utilized
3. Skills: effective communication, teamwork, and compassion

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