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PVL # 225311

Position Summary:
One of the incumbent's primary roles will be to share responsibilities for preparing and performing quality control procedures on testing media for the entire Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH). WSLH is part of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. WSLH serves as the public, environmental and occupational health laboratory for the State of Wisconsin. This position functions in the Environmental Health Division in the Water Microbiology Unit. In addition to media preparation, the incumbent performs and interprets the results of routine and non-routine microbiological analyses of drinking waters, as well as lakes, streams and river samples to benefit water quality and protect public health. Quality control and quality assurance functions will be performed to ensure that the units are always in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Principal duties:
A. 40% Prepare microbiological media
Prepare media and reagents for all clinical and environmental departments within WSLH using aseptic techniques and safety precautions for toxic substances. Dispense, package, label with lot numbers/expiration dates and deliver to individual departments. Independently verify formulas and participate in the development of new media standard operating procedures (SOPs). Operate and verify maintenance of biological safety hood, fume hood, dispensers, pipetting devices, pH meters, labeling guns, analytical balances, water filtration system and autoclave. Maintain inventory of various media components/supplies and order new items as necessary. Communicate effectively with various departments to coordinate media ordering and preparation in order to meet the media needs of those departments so as to not interrupt their work flow procedures.

B. 40% Perform microbiological analyses on routine and non-routine samples
Perform analyses of routine tests for the Safe Drinking Water Act such as total coliform/E. coli and heterotrophic plate counts. Perform analyses of routine tests for the Clean Water Act such as enterococci and E. coli. Perform analyses on non- routine pathogens. Perform non-routine culture, traditional PCR, quantitative PCR, and microscopic methods for microbial source tracking and nuisance bacteria. Log samples into the Laboratory Information System with correct analysis and associated quality control data. Enter sample results and associated quality control results into the Laboratory Information System and review data for accuracy and completeness. Peer review results of other analysts in the Laboratory Information System.

C. 10% Generate and review data for monitoring quality assurance functions of the Glassware/Media and Water Microbiology Unit.
Verify daily quality control records are complete and in a format acceptable to the certifying agencies. Perform necessary quality control tests. Maintain standard operating procedure manuals for all quality assurance functions. Evaluate existing protocols and updates on an annual basis

D. 10% Perform miscellaneous duties for Water Microbiology, Flow Cytometry and Glassware/Media
Assist in research project, ordering supplies for the units and other duties as assigned by supervisors.

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