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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 225294

Position Summary:
The Assistant Scientist will be responsible for managing projects in the Kalan laboratory and conducting vital research related to host-microbe interactions within the skin microbiome and in the context of wound repair and regeneration. This includes maintaining culture collections, overseeing clinical specimen collection and managing protocols, animal care, and supporting graduate students with their ongoing research. The candidate is expected to be capable of developing independent research projects and provide intellectual contributions and leadership to ongoing collaborations with clinicians, molecular biologists, and chemists.

Principal duties:
40% Conduct research related to the skin microbiome and wound healing including:
-Identifying research problem(s) and designing research methodologies
-Performing experiments, collaborating with colleagues and/or students as needed
-Maintaining culture collections and clinical specimen collections
-Maintaining thorough records of experimental design and data

20% Analyze data

5% Prepare and present results to faculty, students, and other scientific staff at UW-Madison and at extramural scientific meetings

10% Prepare research results and write scientific articles for publication in scholarly journals

5% Prepare and submit extramural research funding applications

15% Direct graduate and/or undergraduate students working in the Kalan lab on scientific areas related to the microbiome, molecular and cell biology, or wound healing.

5% Participate in instructional activities such as journal clubs or giving a guest lecture in a microbiology-related course

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