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Position Vacancy Listing

PVL # 225257

Position Summary:
Working to advance the goals of the Cavagnero Research Group, the Scientist identifies research problems, designs research methodologies, performs research, assists and helps to prepare the results for presentation to professional organizations and for scholarly publications to help advance research. The incumbent also assists with grant writing and group equipment maintenance.

Students, postdocs and staff members in the Cavagnero group are engaged in exploring the fundamental principles of protein folding and aggregation in the cell. All the studies are performed at atomic or molecular resolution under physiologically relevant conditions using a combination of tools from spectroscopy, chemical biology, biochemistry and computation. The group is also developing novel nuclear-spin hyperpolarization technologies to increase the sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy.

The Scientist will work on the mechanism of co- and post-translational protein folding and aggregation in the cell by a variety of biochemical and spectroscopic techniques.

Principal duties:
1. (5%) Assists with the identification of research problems and the development of research methodologies and procedures
2. (70%) Collects and analyzes research data, conducts experiments and interviews, and documents results according to established policies and procedures under general supervision and with limited responsibility
3. (5%) Writes and edits research papers
4. (15%) Writes and assists in developing grant applications and proposals to secure research funding
5. (5%) Oversees and maintains group equipment. Conducts literature reviews and assists with the facilitation of presentations.

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